I’m struggling. Since joining Slimming World back in January, I was amazed at my weight loss and in May I hit the three stone loss mark which was something I never in a million years though I would do. But from there? It’s been hard going.

On 24th May I had lost 3 stone 1.5lbs. On 4th October I have lost 3 stone 3 stone 3.5lbs.

Doesn’t seem very much does it? Five months and I’ve been battling backwards and forwards with gaining and losing but I really feel I have hit a wall. At my lowest weigh, I was 1 and a half pounds lighter than I am today but it’s become a real battle to try to get off this last stone. I am now starting to wonder if it is at all possible?


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Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. We are spending it in the most romantic way possible – going to Alton Towers! I’ve never really written about our wedding or honeymoon so what better time than today?!

I can’t quite believe that four years have passed since we said I do and I went from a Miss to a Mrs. We got married at 2pm on Sunday 30th September 2012. We got married in the incredibly beautiful Rowton Castle, which is situated just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire. We got engaged on Christmas Day 2011 and me being me, we went looking at venues straight away and before the New Year bell tolled – we had booked our wedding!! I just knew that Rowton Castle was our perfect venue and fell in love instantly. View Post


As you know, we are off to Disneyland Paris in a few months, so we are completely binging on all things Disney. We were very kindly sent a load of Disney Sofia the First Toy Range goodies to try out from the lovely folks at Jakks Pacific meaning I had two very happy little ladies!
Disney Sofia the First Toy Range

P1 is the girlier of our twins so she bagged the Sofia The First Royal Tiara (RRP. £6.99) for herself. When we went on an afternoon our to Ironbridge, she decided she wanted to be chief Princess…and photographer! As a bloggers daughter, she loved the Sofia The First Royal Camera (RRP. £9.99) You just look through the viewfinder to see eight scenes featuring Sofia and her friends in her colourful fun world. The camera also include a removable lens and real camera sound effects so she was clicking along with me. It’s really light and easy to grip so she was happy to carry it around with her on our day out. View Post


As soon as you pee in your hand that little white stick and the word PREGNANT pops up, your whole life is about to change. As you wave a pee soaked stick around screaming, the enormity of what is about to happen really isn’t top of the list, as your brain goes into overdrive about due dates, pushchairs, maternity leave, the gender, if it’ll inherit it’s Dads big nose…  What you don’t bargain for is five years down the line when your stood on the playground and you yourself feel like you’re back at school. Gulp. 

The school playground is a daunting place  whether you’re 5 or 35. It instantly brings back all the feelings you experienced as a kid as you stand holding hands with your little mini me. Not knowing anyone is a scary thought, even so as an adult. September is a period new-ness and where everyone is adjusting and getting to grips with our new surroundings. New faces, new routines; sometimes you just want a familiar face to make it all OK. Step forward your new friends for the foreseeable.

We all need Mom mates.

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After we were sent our Baby Annabell doll, the girls seemed to get the Baby Annabell bug. We were kindly sent the Baby Annabell Walking Little Lamb doll. He is Baby Annabell’s buddy and we already have the sheep bed that the girls had last Christmas.

Baby Annabell Walking Little Lamb Doll

He is incredibly soft and has such a cute little face. This lamb is still a baby itself and it compliments Baby Annabell so well, meaning they are a super cute fun team. He comes with a bottle that has a screw top but do not try and feed him any liquid! View Post


*This is a collaborative post*

We have been in our house almost 12 months now, and after our initial plans, we seem to have come to a bit of a standstill with making home improvements and it being the house we crave. With a husband working away a lot, there just isn’t the time to get it done. Plus, we are facing a bit of a quandary as to if we think we will stay here long term. Honestly? I’d say no. I’d like to stay here perhaps five years before moving on and eventually the children all having their own bedrooms and us having an extra lounge.

For now though, we have started looking at remodelling various spaces in and around the house. Our bathroom is definitely at the forefront of all renovation plans as it is just plain ugly. Aside from updating individual rooms I also have quite a long list of other things I would like to change.

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Let me be completely honest with you, I am not the best at crafting or making things. When Charlie has craft afternoons at school, my stomach drops because I fear I will be exposed as then really rubbish Mother who embarrasses her kids. HOWEVER, despite me being a but rubbish, the kids really enjoy making stuff and are quite good at it.

With the long summer holidays stretching out in front of us, I absolutely jumped at the chance to review Cozy Cats seeing as the weather at the start of the month wasn’t the best. So what are Cozy Cats? In your box you get three different sized cats ranging from large to small along with their felt beds, three felt tips, a lolly stick and lots of sticker felts to decorate their beds.Interplay Cozy Cats Review

When starting, it’s best to make the cats beds first. You’re given an instruction sheet that shows you how to fold them to create “a pillow” for them to sleep in and on. It was a little bit fiddly at times so I did most of the folding whilst Charlie used the lolly stick to pop out the holes.  View Post