After reading Jocelyns post it really got me thinking about my “if I could” things. I love questions like this, it’s fun to pretend and kinda like the if I won the lottery question!

if i could 
If I could live anywhere:

Dorset. It honestly is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and there’s just so much to see and do. I’ve never seen such beautiful scenery it’s just stunning. We went again this year and had such a fantastic time. No trip is complete without a day at Monkey World which is why the love affair with the county started. 

If I could have any home:

I would love a big barn with high ceilings and gorgeous full length windows which let so much light in – I hate dark rooms! However I don’t think the countryside life would suit me as I couldn’t be doing with the nice and rats that come along with it! But I would just love a light, airy open place house with a huge island in the kitchen and lots of wooden beams. I really want a playroom and huge utility to hide all the toys and washing – the dream!!!! 
If I could have any garden:
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Unless you live under a rock you will see that we are in the grips of a ruddy heat wave. Not just a few hot days A  HEAT WAVE people – this is not a drill. Along with your make up, deodorant and ability to walk upstairs without keeling over, our rationale goes with it. Just as with the snow as soon as that Mercury starts climbing us Brits go a little bit loco and start having crazy ideas such as:

  1. Look into getting air con installed in your house because a couple of days a year warrants this thousand of pounds system to ensure you can sleep and it’s definitely an investment (so the husband claims)
  2. Go out in full on swimwear. It’s ok when you are abroad and no one knows you as your waddling about with your pale flesh on show but when the little old lady from number 11 sees your bingo wings and muffin top in all its sweaty glory it’s safe to say your relationship is ruined forever
  3. Drinking at any given time of the day. But remember you do actually have kids. And they will wake up in the sticky heat. A LOT.
  4. You install a pool and/or hot tub in your garden and spend half of the heat wave filling it up, all whilst totally forgetting that 95% of the year you’ll freeze your arse off if you even look at it as it becomes a swamp haven
  5. We start looking at buying a convertible cars. It quite possibly is the only way to travel in this climate dahhhling View Post

I have previously blogged about things that I found essential during when having twins but only last week did I realise just how precious having our pushchair has been.

When the girls were born we had a large bulky travel system which was brilliant as they could lie flat as tiny babies and the system also had the ability to clip the car seats onto the frame which coupled with car seat bases made the school run SO much simpler. But as they grew we knew we would need a stroller which was more lightweight and less bulky. I have to admit I absolutely LOVED shopping around for ours and seeing what was out there on the market.

When choosing ours, there were a few features I really felt I wanted:

  1. Easy to collapse/put up
  2. Large basket
  3. Side by side that would fit through a normal doorway
  4. Lightweight

For me it being lightweight was an essential as having two hefty toddlers in it was enough let alone the stroller itself weighing a tonne!

I think most twin parents would have the same list as me. I know from experience you can’t get anywhere in a hurry with twins but having a pushchair that is super easy to put up and collapse gives you an extra few minutes which for any parent is golden!

I think the “side by side” or “one in front of the other” style is definitely a personal preference. For me I never wanted one child to be stuck facing the back of the others head plus I love that them being side by side they can both see everything that is going on along with being able to see each other if they want.

It was surprising how narrow side by side strollers are. I thought they were going to be huge and I’d be getting wedged in doorways but most we tested were slim without compromising on seat size.

Pushchairs can be so expensive to buy so I viewed it as an investment that from they would use it for a good two years pretty much every day so I’m happy to pay a little bit more to ensure the quality outweights and I get value for money along with a gorgeous looking stroller for my girlies!

Always check out any extras and if they cost extra. We had to pay extra for our footmuffs which during the winter were an absolute godsend as with two wriggly ladies there’s no chance of them keeping a blanket over their lap! Rain covers too sometimes are extra but are definitely worth buying.

We love our stroller and a year in and it’s still going strong!

B xx

Thanks to Tesco for the inspiration behind this post


We were lucky enough to visit Bluestone in Wales. I have read so many blog reviews about family holidays to Bluestone Wales in so was incredibly excited to try out the family friendly accommodation. We stayed in a four bed Grassholm lodge on Preseli View. We went with my mother and father in law and our 3 kids who are aged 6 and 22 month and this is what we thought.
Bluestone Wales Family Holiday

Check In

Super simple – you drive up to the window and are given your pack, car pass and key cards for your lodge. We arrived early and were told we could explore the site which we did. The barrier is lifted at 4.30pm to allow you to drive and unload – word of warning it is 4.30pm on the dot. My husband was told off for trying to go in at 4.28pm and made to drive round and go to the back of the queue so they are incredibly strict on timings!

The Lodge

It was spotless and very spacious. From the outside it looked huge and it was! We stayed in a two storey Grassholm lodge

Bluestone Wales Family Holiday

My husband is a builder and he was impressed that they hadn’t sacrificed space in order to cram more lodges in. Our lodge was 4 bedrooms; three twins and one double with three bathrooms (two baths, one walk in shower, one ensuite) The very well stocked kitchen had a fridge/freezer, kettle, dishwasher, grill, toaster, microwave, cooker and hobs – perfect self catering with the added bonus you don’t need to wash up! View Post


Charlie is only 6 but he is so incredibly tall for his age. He wears 8-9 clothes and has the longest skinniest legs ever! We struggled to find a suitable car seat for him plus now with the girls in larger car seats it can be a squeeze. Charlie spends so much time with his grandparents and is forever popping out with Grandad and this means a lot of chopping and changing with the car seat. So I was very excited to try out the new Trunki BoostaPak. Looks fab doesn’t it? But look closer..


More than just a bag!!

IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3263 IMG_3265

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Brother Max is a fabulous family company who helped us through our weaning days which now sadly seem a lifetime ago as we hurtle towards the terrible twos! They have such a massive range of products including highchairs, thermometers, night lights and of course weaning items.

If you are planning, starting or midway through weaning then this is the right giveaway for you. You have a chance to win a huge weaning bundle which is made up of:

  • Trainer Cup
  • Travel Spoons
  • Weaning Bowl Set
  • Catch-and Fold Bibs
  • Large Weaning Pots


The Trainer Cup has four stages from bottle to cup. With its easy-hold handle and soft silicone teat it makes for a smooth simple bottle transition. It has easy handles for small hands to learn to drink from a cup with the easy sipper ring.

The travel spoons are heat-sensitive and colour-changing, just great for home, travel & on-the go.

A Weaning Bowl Set – easy-hold handle and removable divider; Perfect for meals on-the-go as it has microwaveable vents in lid suitable for reheating food on-the-go. With wipe-edges for easy spooning & feeding and also mix & match lids with our snack pot bowl. It’s ideal for little ones to encourage self-feeding.

Catch-and Fold Bibs – 2 x waterproof lined cotton baby  bibs; one for now, one for later. They are flexible & have a removable crumb catcher. Rather awesomely it doubles as travel case for bib & cutlery! They are made of soft cotton with an easy-to-use side-opening velcro making it perfect for tidying away after a messy meal. The bibas are washing machine & tumble dryer safe – hoorah!!

Finally in the winning bundle are large weaning pots that flexible, easy push-through bases with leak-proof hinged lids. You can freeze, microwave & serve! The pots click together for easy filling with each pot provides one large 170ml portion. They can be placed in fridge or freezer and you pop out frozen food by using really clever, soft push-through bases or thaw/defrost and serve directly from the pot.

Sound good? Then enter the RaffleCopter below. UK entrants only. The prize will be sent directly from Brother Max. Please read full terms and conditions. 

Good luck

B x
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As you may remember, we have recently been selected as Britax Mumbassadors and as part of our role we are incredibly lucky to try some of the new products. For the last couple of weeks we have been trying out the Britax King II ATS (active tensioning system) car seat through its paces and this is what we thought about it:
Britax King II ATS Car Seat

Britax King II ATS Car Seat

The girls (and Panda) absolutely loved sitting in the seat!

The look of the seat:

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