I can’t quite believe I am getting to write this post. Ever since I was a little girl sobbing on the sofa at Dumbo, I have just loved all things Disney. My most prized possession was my Cinderella video and would beg my Mom to let me watch it at any given opportunity as I was besotted with the beauty of it all.

I remember when my friend went to Disney and I was so incredibly jealous. It sounded like the most magical place on earth.

I started looking at prices a few months back just out of curiosity. The girls having turned three have started to become “easier” if that makes sense? They’re more independent so the thought of travelling with them is less scary. Saying that I think they are still too young for Florida so that’s why we looked at DLP.

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I thought I’d do a bit of a different post today as the lovely Steph at Mental Parentals tagged me, so here goes:

Are you a stay-at-home or a working Mum?

I was a working parent with Charlie but took voluntary redundancy when on maternity with the girls as travel and childcare was not viable.

Would you have it any other way?

There are days where I wish I had a job for myself but I love that my kids know it will always be me picking them up and dropping them off is nice. I also get to attend every school event and not had to miss anything which is very special.  View Post


My life seems to be full of clichés from strangers. As a parent of twins, I have pretty much heard every twin one going (double trouble/got your hands full etc etc) But as they’ve gotten older and dress so differently, I have a new range of probing questions. Bearing in mind my girls for ONE MORNING a week…I don’t even get to eat  lunch in that time slot. But apparently when you get three whole hours once a week you’re a lady of leisure.The amount of times people instantly ask the following, surely I can’t be alone? 


  1. Are you going to get a job? If I had a quid for the amount of times people have asked me that then I wouldn’t need a job ever! It’s the FIRST thing people say to me as I mention they have started at nursery. Now. Let me think. At present, they go from 9-12 on a Friday. Come September they will go every afternoon so fair enough asking. HOWEVER. hey officially start at 12.30ppm, then you read with them until 12.45pm so by the time I get home it’ll probably be 1pm. I have to leave the house about 2.50pm to go get C, so if anyone wants to employ me 1pm until 2.50pm every afternoon, term time only and subject to illness and school activities then YES, please do snap me up.
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As you will recall, we are ambassadors for Geronimo and are super excited. With only a couple of months to go, it’s really starting to get close. It doesn’t matter if you’re two or 12, there is something for everyone at Geronimo Festival. Whether your kids are adrenaline junkies or craft-mad, animal enthusiasts or music lovers, the North’s biggest family festival boasts a jam-packed line up of live shows and amazing experiences for the whole family to enjoy.
Back on the festival scene for a second year in 2016, Geronimo is returning to Tatton Park in Cheshire over the weekend of 29th – 30th May and debuting at Harewood House in Leeds from 1st – 2nd May.

geronimo fest giveaway

For the pre-schoolers:
For anyone 3ft and under, there is a fab line-up of experiences tailored for the little ones including: The Tumble Tots Play area, Baby Ballet, Baby Massage, Soft Play, Baby Yoga, Little Tiddlers Soft Play and Moo Music.
Combined with live stage shows from TV favourites including our Cbeebies heroes Justin Fletcher (see dates for when he is there), Mr Bloom, Cook & Line from Swashbuckle, Andy Day and Alex Winters, your Geronimites will be enthralled and entertained all day. View Post


We are super excited that in a few weeks we are off to see the girls favourite piggies in Peppa Pig’s Surprise tour.  peppa pig's surprise tour
The Peppa Pig live stage show, Peppa Pig’s Surprise, is currently on tour and is visiting theatres across the UK & Ireland until this autumn in 2016. This brand new show marks the seventh consecutive year of wonderful Peppa Pig live theatre tours (the first tour was in 2009) and the fourth Peppa Pig stage production in total. We are really excited as the girls are huge fans and never seen her live.

In Peppa Pig’s Surprise tour audiences will enjoy interactive fun, games and, of course, surprises. This charming, colourful new show features new songs and new life-size puppets. Peppa Pig’s Surprise promises to be the perfect theatre show for all pre-schoolers.  View Post


On Monday we ventured down to London for a sightseeing tour with Charlie in which we crammed a lot in for the 26 hours we were in the big smoke (and didn’t my feet know about it!) 


We live in a small town with a bus that goes hourly to the next closest “big” town and the service stops at 5pm and doesn’t run on a Sunday at all! The closest train station is a 30 minute drive so it’s safe to say we very rarely go on public transport as it’s so dire and far away, so when we do it’s quite a novelty. We travelled down to London on the train which was a somewhat painful almost 3 hour journey as we opted for the cheaper tickets meaning it took forever. As we arrived into London, as it was heavily raining we hopped in a black cab to Madame Tussauds which was Charlie’s first ever experience in a black London cab. He was fascinated by the fact you could sit facing backwards!

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I spent a lot of time in London when I was younger but haven’t been sightseeing for about 20 years so I thought it would be lovely to take Charlie and show him around. The husband and I talked and decided that we would go just the three of us. Charlie can sometimes get a little overlooked when we have the girls so we thought we would make the trip all about him.


We were very lucky that the lovely folk at Travelodge offered us to stay with them as the one thing Charlie really wanted to do was go on the London Eye. The hotel we stayed in was the London Central Southwark hotel which was a very short walk from the Southwark tube stop which was very handy. The London Eye was 0.9 miles from the hotel but as it was so soggy we hopped on the tube for our visit. The Globe theatre, Tate Modern, London Aquarium and Big Ben are all within a mile of the hotel so it’s a great spot.

We arrived just after 3pm and there was no queue for check in so quickly were given our key and the receptionist took a shine to Charlie and he got a lollipop which he was chuffed with! We were in room 710 and the room had the most perfect view of the Shard from our window. View Post