When I found out I was pregnant I was absolutely thrilled. We had only got married on 30th September so to find out on 24th October that I was pregnant was amazing and also meant – honeymoon baby!

With Charlie I’d had a very easy problem free pregnancy but from about a week after getting a BFP I started feeling rather nauseous. As the weeks went on it intensified making work rather interesting! Then the tiredness and sickness started. Big time. I secretly thought I may be having a little girl as it was the complete opposite of my first pregnancy. However this feeling so ill coincided with Kate Middleton being admitted to hospital so think at my booking in appointment the midwife thought I was jumping on the bandwagon
Anyway, the day after Charlie’s 4th birthday (which consisted of me running back from nursery to puke in the hedge at the bottom of the road -fit!) and then lay under a blanket as everyone sang happy birthday, was our 12 week scan.
How I dragged myself to hospital ill never know but I lay across the chair in the waiting room convinced I wouldn’t be able to be scanned as I needed a full bladder, and at that stage I was vomiting back a mouthful of water! Apologies as we went into scan room that I hadn’t drank and looked horrific but the sonographer and midwife were lovely as I lay down. Then it happened.
All our eyes fixed on the screen waiting to see our little baby when she started to hesitate and said the terrifying line “oh I thought that was the case” which put the fear of God into us but as my husband started to check if all ok she reassured us by saying “there’s baby” so we all sighed a huge sigh of relief. Only to be followed with… “And there’s the other”
Complete silence.
Then I started laughing. A lot. Hub started crying and asked them to check if there was only 2 to which I felt like I had floated out of my body and this was a dream. I can’t really recall much more except my nervous stunned disbelief laughing! We were only 11 weeks and was too early to do any more checks so I remember another scan being booked for 3 days after Christmas and the identical word being used due to one placenta and one membrane
We walked out of the scan room (armed with a scan summary and scan pics as i don’t  think we thought it was real!) straight to the doctors to get some anti sickness tablets on the midwives advice both in complete shock and there I made the biggest mistake ever. I went on google. Tip – NEVER type identical twins into google when you’re 11 weeks pregnant as it will traumatise you for the rest of your pregnancy – not to mention the birth!
I have to admit I had no prior knowledge about twins. I remember when I was 5 my friend at school had twin brothers andddd that was about it.
Now, call me crazy but I thought to have twins you either had to be a twin or have twins close in the family but noooo! I have since become a bit of a twin geek and our girls were classed as MC/DC twins which basically meant one placenta, two sacs and one membrane separating them thus being identical. And identical twins are when the egg splits and are a random occurrence – so there you go!
Our scan pics – just so we knew there really WAS two!
B x

It’s no secret I am not the craftiest of folk and am definitely no Pinterest perfect parent! For me, the less effort the better is always what suits me best. Nevertheless, I am a HUGE fan of Halloween and just because I am not super arty that doesn’t mean I don’t like getting stuck in. The idea of a no carve pumpkin really appeals to me as our attempts often look miles away from what they were intended to!

A few years ago, I met up with a friend and our sets of twins both set to decorating pumpkins with glitter paint. It was the first time we had ever decorated pumpkins without the carving and getting in a right mess with all the seeds. The girls were about 18 months old so they really loved being able to be involved and it was a sensory activity for their little hands as well as decorating our little pumpkins.

No Carve Pumpkin

A few bloggers also have made some flipping amazing no carve pumpkins and have kindly let me share them with you.

Emma from Bubbablue and Me had the ingenious idea of using sharpies to decorate mini pumpkins. This is the perfect idea for younger kids at a Halloween party as you can pick up mini pumpkins really cheap and sharpies won’t create the mess that paints may have.

No Carve Pumpkin

Steph from Expert Home Tips not only painted her pumpkins but decorated them with spooky accessories too. These would make a brilliant centrepiece at a party or to adorn your doorstep to care trick or treaters. I love the mini glitter ones too as they look so cute alongside the showstopper.

No Carve Pumpkin

Jenna from Then There Were Three came up with this rather gruesome but Halloween perfect pumpkin that somehow did not win the pumpkin competition! I would have demanded a recount as what a clever original little idea – maybe one if you’ve got older kids though!

No Carve Pumpkin

Becky from 3 Princesses and 1 Dude did a video on her no carve pumpkin ideas

As did Louise from Oscar’s Toybox

Hope these give you some ideas for this years creations if you don’t fancy getting all mucky.
B xx

Thanks to all the bloggers who kindly let me use their images. I have included links to all their original posts showing you how to make these, if you want to find out how to do them.

No Carve Pumpkin



I am a huge fan of Halloween let it be known! I know it’s a marmite day but I definitely fall into the love Halloween camp. We all absolutely love getting dressed up in Halloween costumes and always go trick or treating with a big gang of friends The kids absolutely love finding their Halloween costumes and love dressing up (as do I) Last year we all had really easy costumes and had lots of fun transforming.

kids halloween costumes

The girls had £3.99 witch costumes from Aldi (teamed with some H&M skull tights I got in the sale for about £1 the previous year) I dressed all in black with leopard shoes and a leopard headband and bow tie that I got for about £2.99 from our local market. I then sprayed my ginger hair black and backcombed it within an inch of it’s life with give it some volume. Charlie was the coolest of us all; at 7 years of age he wanted to be Michael Jackson from the Thriller video. We again sprayed his hair and had some green face paint on to try to look like MJ – I thought he looked flipping ace!

In previous years, we have just put the girls in a black dress they had for everyday along with some Halloween-esque tights. These were from Slugs and Snails and I absolutely loved them. I was so gutted when they didn’t fit anymore. We also got a hat super cheap so whilst i’s not strictly a costume, she still is fitting the bill.

kids halloween costumes

Halloween facepaint for kids can make a huge difference to an outfit as we found out when Charlie went as a vampire. I am not by any means a professional but we had lots of fun trying out different looks. What do you think? The missing teeth definitely helped be even spookier!

kids halloween costumes

I know with three kids, buying costumes can sometimes work out quite expensive so I have compiled a simple DIY Halloween fancy dress costumes for kids guide with the help of some lovely bloggers, to help you make your kids look super scary with minimal fuss/money.

If you have a baby or toddler, why not take a leaf out of Ready, Freddie Go’s book and make baby into a Pubert from the Addams family so that they don’t miss out on the fun. How cute does he look?! The likeness is uncanny isn’t it!

kids halloween costumesA toddler can easily be transformed into a mini-Mummy with a white t-shirt and light trousers underneath and then if you raid the medicine box and grab all the bandages you can. I’m super toilet roll would also have the same effect!

kids halloween costumes

If you aren’t wanting a super scary costume, Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too has an excellent post that gives step by step instructions to create your own Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the brilliant Dr. Seuss. With twins, I feel that this HAS to be done at some point in their lives!

kids halloween costumes

Amy from Eps and Amy transformed her two into a scary Hunchback of Notre Dam along with a vampire Bride. She tells you how to do it here in her Halloween kids outfits post.

kids halloween costumes

Finally AK from The German Wife made these epic Ghostbuster costumes for under £25 for them both which given how expensive one costume is, is really good and they looks BRILLIANT! What a clever idea and these look better than any I’ve ever seen for sale.

kids halloween costumes
We are already brainstorming what we can dress up as this year and Charlie has come out with a few cracking ideas. It’s not long away so hope this has helped give you some Halloween inspiration!

B xx

Thanks to all the bloggers who kindly let me use their images. I have included links to all their original posts showing you how to make these, if you want to find out how to do them.

Tomorrow signals the end of an era; after eight and a half years there will officially be no children at home anymore.

You’d think after a very long summer holiday I would be jumping for joy – but I am a reception year parent. There’s only tears here! You see, the girls were born in the June when Charlie started school in the September. It was a crazy time with tiny newborn twins coupled with the fact my Mom had been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before, so Charlie’s first day at school was somewhat overshadowed. Since Charlie started school, I have always been a stay at home parent. It was never the plan but it happened when Mom fell ill. I have always been there for school drop off and school runs, but always had little people in tow with me.

Last September signalled the start of the girls going off to nursery. They went every afternoon and I felt so emotional then, but nothing can prepare me for tomorrow. I know it is going to happen. There’s nothing that I can do to change this, but ti doesn’t stop me feeling any less sad.

Indulge me as I am not sad for them. No way, they are absolutely going to LOVE school and I know that they will have an absolute ball. They are really excited too and I am desperately hiding my sadness behind a big grin and words filled with enthusiasm. But I am sad, for me. I know, it’s not all about me but I am making it all about me because well, I need to release!

I realise what a complete an utter brat I sound when I say what will I do with myself. You must be screaming oh how fucking hard it must be to stay at home for 6 hours on your own five days a week. Three years ago I would have given anything in the world for some time on my own. I was all consumed by raising tiny humans that I just wanted a break. Those desperate days are a distant dream, replaced by the strange reality. They are gaining independence. I am a stay at home parent – with no children to parent.

I don’t really like being alone. I like the idea of it, but after about an hour the reality kicks in and I am bored. I spend way too much time alone as it is with a husband who works away. The kids are often my only company all day. During the summer, we forged into our awesome foursome and would go for a walk in the fields just to escape the same four walls.

I am constantly asked what I’ll do with myself and the answer is, I have no idea. What will I do indeed? I expect the next few weeks to be somewhat of a novelty for us all. But come the start of October, it will feel like groundhog day – for both the kids and I.

Knowing these are my last babies and that I will never do this again makes it all that bit more poignant. My baby days are well and truly over. I am no longer the person they look to 95% of the time. There’ll be parts of the day I have no idea what on earth they’re up to. They will go to someone else for reassurance, to tell their funny little stories to and I can’t help them when they need to. Six hours without them every day and it all feels a bit overwhelming.

For all the sadness I feel, I am more excited for them. School is not going to know what has hit them when these pair strut in the place. Their funny little quirky personalities will fill the classroom with double the awesomeness.

I’ll leave you on this note – when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, P1 answered simply “A skirt”


B xx


I can’t be the only one who has felt this entire week has been dominated by HEAT, oh the bloody heat indeed. As I write this, we have been treated to some rain and I even wore a jacket today. I know I shouldn’t moan but after being in what felt like a permanent state of hot, stickiness it is a welcome reprieve. I am looking forward to sleeping all night without having to peel myself off the bed and needing a fan on me 24/7. Tonight is our school BBQ so I’m looking forward to an evening with friends while the kids have a ball.

We have had some lovely days out as my husband has been working locally this week and had Wednesday and Thursday off. We went for a walk by the river to feed the ducks, lots of trips to various parks and also a day in Ironbridge. It’s been a lovely week indeed.


I read this anonymous post on the Save the UK Fire Service’s Facebook page. It is an account from one of the firefighters who attended the Grenfell Tower fire. It is an incredibly harrowing read. The firefighter was faced with a decision that people shouldn’t have to face. It’s so easy to criticise public services; the police, fire, ambulance all come in for such heavy critism and it’s easy to forget that these people are just ordinary human beings. With their own families and lives, who they go home to carrying such burdens of what they see and experience on a daily basis. It was hard to watch the tower block on fire, let alone have to go inside whilst it’s still a blazing inferno. Seeing and hearing things no one ever wants t face. I absolutely salute our public services and wish that they would be prioritised in this country as they do a flipping amazing job.

Seventeen glorious series of The Only Way is Essex on Netflix. Three episodes in and my husband is despairing. I have watched every sirs of TOWIE since it started, so I was intrigued to go back to the start and a) remember who were the original b) see how much works they’ve had done since it started! (Answer – a LOT! Lydia – what were you thinking?!)

We had a BBQ for Father’s Day and it was lovely to have all the family round. The air was filled with fun and laughter as the kids cousins came round to play. We got the paddling pool out and there was lots of chaos but they all had so much fun.
I headed back to the gym on Thursday after using the hot weather as an excuse. I have to say anyone who wants to go running NEEDS to add Tina Turner Proud Mary onto their playlist. It is the ultimate running song as the beat gets you going and you cannot help but run your heart out to it (I managed to restrain myself belting it out in the gym too!

I have struggled in the heat as my summer wardrobe isn’t as summer as I thought. I really had to dig through my wardrobes and on the hottest day, opted for my H&M charity shop denim dress which was a bargain at like £4 a few years back. I am massively self conscious of my legs, namely as I have two huge moles on them which used to make me so paranoid as a kid. I also have quite a wide frame (big shoulders and hips) so I really stepped out of my comfort zone wearing this without leggings.

I want to teach my three kids about body confidence. This is why I joined Slimming World to not only lose weight, but to feel healthier. I go to the gym regularly but I will always carry my C-section pouch and the tummy left by having huge baby twins in it. Aside from all this, I was too bloody hot to care!

My Charlie made me so proud this week at his Sports Day. They did a different kind of sports day this year where they all did little activities including the javelin, bean bag throwing, long jump and two track events – sprint and hurdles and I am so proud to say he won both! He was so chuffed as were we watching him. My husband was able to attend both Charlie’s and the girls, although as they’re in nursery they only did one little running race. This was eventful as my youngest decided to pull her hat over her head as she ran – it was somewhat hilarious to watch! We aren’t allowed to take photos at Sports Day so you will just have to imagine, and what a sight to imagine!

I am having my nails done for this first time in ages next week as we are off to my husbands friends wedding a week tomorrow. I am really looking forward to a bit of pampering not to mention the wedding itself. Lets hope the weather cools down but the sun still shines. Enjoy the last full week in June – eeek!
B x

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

I had the moment all Parents dread on last week. You know the one, where you are standing waiting to pick up your kid and the teacher makes a beeline for you. It’s never good when they leave the classroom to collar you. I was hoping it may be telling me a funny little anecdote, but sadly it wasn’t. P1 had been naughty. Pretty damn naughty. She had hit a boy who is over a year older than her. My face dropped as I listened to the teacher say the word “whack” about four times and my face turned a fetching shade of crimson. No one wants that conversation. No one wants to be that parent with that child do they? I have a feeling I am going to have many more of these conversations in the years to come.

This is the first time I have ever known any of my kids to actually hit another child. Sure, they brawl with each other – what siblings don’t> But I guess with twins it’s another dimension as they’ve grown up with a constant companion so are very touchy feely with each other – in good and bad ways.

I want all of ym children to be independent, confident, kind and ultimately, themselves. This strong gut instinct of nurturing who they are had intensified ten fold since having identical twins. They are forever called the wrong name and getting mixed up, so I am even more determined to let their individual personalities shine.

There is no denying they are feisty young ladies. I don’t know if it’s a second/third child thing or a twin thing where they have the confidence to be that bit more braver and bolshier as they have back up. But they have plenty of sass, bags full of it.

It’s such a fine line to tread because whilst I don’t want to squash their big personalities, I don’t want them to be naughty and unruly. I want them to stand up for what they believe in. I want them to speak their minds. I want them to be strong, confident women – but does flouting the rules come with this territory? Can you really be a true representation of yourself if you don’t act on your impulses, stand up for yourself and challenge when someone does something you don’t agree with? At the end of the day, they have just turned four. They are the youngest in their nursery group and definitely deal with other children very differently to most others, given that they’ve never really had to go it alone. But am I excusing the fact that actually, P1 can be a right little diva? She throws her toys well and truly out the pram if she doesn’t get her own way. She likes to test the boundaries and is very hot headed. Luckily the boy who was involved in the incident didn’t get upset or cry. She apologised and was told this wasn’t OK. I echoed this when we got home, as I took her upstairs alone and we had a chat about it all and I explained that it’s not OK to hit people. I hope I’ve nipped it in the bud, but you never know.

Raising children is hard. I was very lucky that Charlie has never given me any grief. He’s such a good child and has never given me any grief. I knew from day one I was going to have my hands full with twin girls but I don’t think we’ve even reached the tip of the iceberg!

B xx


I read back the post I wrote when my girls turned three, so I felt it was fitting to write one this year. Girls, on your fourth birthday I can’t believe we are here. Now you are four, life is about to crank up a notch.

This past year, dare I say, has been easier. Being twins has really come into its own and you absolutely love playing together. Aided by the confidence you’ve picked up after nine months at nursery, you have strengthened your bond and become best buddies. This is not to say that you have isolated yourselves. In fact it’s the completed opposite; you love being together yet are more than happy to split off and play with other kids. You both tell me you have your own best friends and this does not cause any friction.

We have made the biggest decisions to date for you. Not only did we apply for your school place, we were given the choice to separate or keep you together in reception class. So many people have given their opinions on the situation but as your Mommy, I hope I have made the right one. In my gut I know it is and I know it’s not forever and can easily be changed.

I won’t lie, I have been dreading you turning four as I know what being four brings – school. I have been so incredibly lucky to stay at home with you since the day you were born. I never went back to work after opting for redundancy so our little gang has been all we have known for the past four years. We are a few months off this being completely changed, and you are no longer “mine” to decide what we do each day. You are about to be bound by school restrictions and six days away from me in the week. But girls? You are going to love school. You already have proved how well you’re doing at nursery with your writing and reading, I am amazed that you are just turning four with how academic you are. My dearest baby girls. Four years ago, our world was changed beyond belief. The last four years we have made some of the most amazing memories.

P1; you sure know how to throw a tantrum., From refusing to have your hair brushed or tied up, to hating jeans and dresses, to your panda love. You are such a character. Your wry sense of humour shines through and you’ve really perfected your comedy timing. Your Samoa Joe impression with the tights is also a notable highlight! Your relationship with your big brother has flourished this year, and you are thick as thieves. You still look our for your brother and sister and are definitely the more cautious of them all. You like to Mother them in fact! You have a pug obsession to run alongside your love of pandas and the Lion Guard. You are often found playing with your little figures and playing games. You absolutely loved our trips to Disneyland Paris and Butlins and talk about them daily. You are very black and white – you either like someone or you don’t! You know your own mind and won’t be coerced into doing anything you don’t want to. You still give the most amazing cuddles, not to mention kisses on my forehead as I leave you at nursery. My biggest girl.

P2; you have surprised me this year. Notoriously against anything you deemed as “girly” you have changed a lot this year. The dinosaur love is strong, but so is your blooming love of dresses. You are intrigued by Nanny’s jewellery and make up. You are still very confident and happy to play with everyone at nursery. You have fallen in love with babies and are forever wanting to go visit baby Dexter for cuddles. You love a Disney singalong and have become a real Daddy’s girl, always going to him for snuggles. You are happy to play on your own, making up little games and conversations with your figures. You seem the most excited about school and I know you’re going to have a huge group of friends as are happy to float in-between groups. You still love dogs and would love nothing more than a pet one. You still seem so dinky, my baby baby girl.

Happy fourth birthday baby girls. We love you more than you’ll ever know.

B xx