I woke up on Tuesday 11th December 2012 praying my little monkey in my belly was ok (not to mention feeling awful and so so poorly sick)

Dragged myself down to the hospital and lay across DH as we waited to be called into the scan room. When we were I apologised as I hadn’t got a full bladder as I could barely keep a sip of water down. They agreed to try to scan me so on the bed I hopped. 
Many people have asked if I knew I was having twins or any inkling – the truthful answer is NO. I thought in the back of my mind it was possibly a girl as the pregnancy was the total opposite to Charlie’s. 
Hearing the line “there’s baby. And there’s the other baby” will never ever ever ever seem real to me. That instant my heart grew bigger and my life changed in a way I never thought possible. Twins. TWINS!!
So I went to bed on Tuesday 11th December 2012 hugging my tummy knowing there were two monkeys in there. Two beautiful special little monkey chops who I still cannot believe are safe, well and MINE!! 
B x

The girls I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Mother & Baby magazine awards tester back in the summer. I was sworn to secrecy at the time so forgive me!

It was amazing each day to get parcels of goodies to try and was lucky enough to get to keep most of the items so want to say a massive thank you!!
Anyway as the awards have been announced & given out I thought I would share with you the ones I absolutely loved and it seems I wasn’t the only one!

This was one of 3 pumps I got to test and I am so so glad it won gold! The other two had so many gadgets and gizmos and whilst this isn’t the funkiest looking pump around it was so simple to use & more importantly put back together after washing!!

These wipes were fantastic!! They smell amazing and have the perfect consistency. Very gentle on dinky bums! My husband who never notices things like this even commented how good they were and they never dried out thanks to their little plastic sticker thingy. I wish they stocked them locally as I’d exclusively buy them but sadly my little town doesn’t :(((

When these boxes turned up I was so so excited! They are in the Tiffany colour with a big white ribbon so through my sleep deprived state I got a tad overexcited. However when I opened it and saw how cute the little personalised trainers are I melted!!! A super present for anyone expecting and definitely has the wow factor!!

Now, I didn’t get to test this but I had to do a big yay for

My wonderful sister got our girls a Ewan each and they both have slept with our girls every night since they were born. My husband and I both like the Ewan tune playing as we drift off to sleep. He is just the coolest sheep ever!!!

I got to test other products which I loved but sadly didn’t win awards. The two I would definitely recommend were the Love to Dream Swaddle Up


These helped our girls sleep in the early days when they really startled when sleeping. Their arms go above their head in the bag not only keeping them warm but as they were enclosed reduced startling induced wake ups – bonus!!
I also rated the Angel Care bath support
We bought a baby bath. Biggest mistake ever with twins! Not only is it a faff to fill by the time baby 2 is ready it’s freezing (yes the girls share a bath. We are on a water meter and my sister and I always shared so I don’t see how it’s any different!!)
I hated bathing Charlie – it massively stressed me out – slippery babies tend to do this!!. Anyhow, This allows the baby to lie in the water and happily kick their little legs around. The holes in the seat allow water to drain off them too so they aren’t sat in a puddle of cold water.
I would add though that now the girls can roll over I am rather reluctant to use it as they try to roll out the seat but very worthwhile for early bathing – definitely recommend more than a baby bath!
So there you have it. I’d just like up add I have not been asked to review these products and they are purely my views based on my two girls. Just a mom trying to help other moms!!
B x





So this week I turned 28. A pretty boring age if I’m honest. However I hit this milestone with 3 children – something that I didn’t think was possible when I hit 27!

It got me thinking though about the big 3-0. It seems like such a big deal to start a new decade and I admit the thought it a bit weird. I will suddenly sound really grown up when I say my age. I had Charlie when I was 23 so I’ve never had a wild hedonistic 20s and that doesn’t bother me one bit. 
My dream 30th was to always go to New York – however with a 7yo in school and two & half year old twins I don’t think that’ll be happening – maybe my 50th?!?
B x

 So it happened. I knew it wasn’t far off but it well and truly has. P1 refused my boob. So with a heavy heart I have to admit that It’s time to call time on my breast feeding days, forever. And I’m not quite sure how to feel about it if I’m honest.
 breastfeeding twins
I’d always wanted to give breastfeeding a go with my girlies and just see how we got on. When I told people I was planning on breast feeding twins, I may as well have had a third head – but the way I saw it – two babies – two boobs! Simple. My attitude to parenting this time round has been to try and be as flexible as possible and just go with the flow.

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This may sound really really silly – but I’m DREADING weaning my twins. Weaning twins is going to be interesting not to mention time consuming!


Not because of the mess, stress or time that comes with it. Because it means my girls are growing up. Too fast!
I know it’s one of the most exciting and fun parts of parenting and don’t get me wrong once we have started I will absolutely love seeing them munching on new foods – and also seeing their faces when disapprove! But I feel like the girls haven’t been small enough for long enough. The thought of them becoming more independent makes me have a pang of sadness.
It’s very unlikely we will have anymore babies so I want to treasure every second of them. With Charlie everything was new and I couldn’t wait for him to move to the next big milestone but this time round I want them to be little that bit longer. There’s so much to think about – I am wanting to try baby led weaning and I am hoping BLW with twins is easy and is actually going to work in our favour as I won’t be sat for hours spoon feeding one then the other.
I know they’re still teeny but for the next month the W word will be banned!!
B x

Twitter was one of the first places I turned to after scaring the crap out of myself googling twins. I wanted to find “real” twin moms who had been through it and could tell me it from the horses mouth. Not some biased company trying to flog you their product or some politically correct medical site. And twitter was excellent!

I found other expecting twin moms, newly twin moms and ones with toddling and school age twins. They gave me invaluable advice and pointed me in the direction of products that they saw as essential
I’ve only had my girls for 20 weeks so I don’t feel like any type of “expert” however these are a few pearls of wisdom I’ve discovered the last 5 months:
I cannot thank anyone who recommended these enough. Yes they are expensive but if you’re going to be taking the babies out regularly – these are an absolute essential. I do not know how I could manage a school run faffing around with seatbelts in the rain with an impatient 4yo and one baby being strapped in and another screaming. Two clicks and you’re off. AMAZING!
Having had a silver cross with Charlie that you could clip the carseat onto the wheels I really wanted to be able to do the same with my twins. Again making short car trips so simple!
We bought a baby bath. Don’t. Complete waste of money as trying to bath two babies at any one time is hard. However using the fiddly plastic baths which after one has gone in the water is freezing causes much more havoc. We have a chair and usually Charlie sits in the bath with one baby at the other end whilst other on the changing mat then we swap. Water saving efficiency to the max plus Charlie loves playing in the bath with them!
Ill do another blog soon with things I was worried about before the girls came. If anyone has any questions or things that I could possibly help with – let me know. It’s a scary prospect having a baby let alone two!!
B x

When we had finally got over the shock of finding out we were having twins – my mind went into overload.

Our next scan on 28th December had confirmed they were identical so my husband caved – we could find out the gender! He had been dead set to not find out but once I pointed out how organised we needed to be and how much easier if we could prepare knowing their sex he soon came around. So we booked our scan for January. At 4pm. Meaning it was the longest day EVER! But we took Charlie with us utterly convinced it’d be two boys
I honestly would have put down thousands that it would have been boys. After having Charlie (convinced he was a girl!) in my head my future saw me with 3 boys (as I’d always said I wanted 3 if possible) so when they said there was a girl I almost passed out!
Whilst Charlie had initially wanted two brothers and I think I’d thought he would be happier with 2 boys, as soon as we put it to him he would never have to share his toys – he seemed thrilled!!
Two girls – in my head that meant one thing. PINK! I am a very girly girl so naturally that side of me went into overdrive
I feel so lucky that I have a boy to look after two girls and I get to experience both genders. It does make me chuckle the girls who haven’t got kids when we told them were all “omg that’s amazing I’d love that” yet people who do have daughters recoiled in horror…. Girls can’t be that bad – right?! Well I can honestly say we will have a baptism of fire. And the teenage years are certainly going to be entertaining! 
B x