When we found out we were expecting identical twins, I had visions of little darlings skipping off holding hands, cuddling, kissing wearing matching clothes looking exactly the same. The reality is somewhat different; we still have the holding hands, kissing and cuddling but we also have brutal brawls, endless bickering, tears, tantrums and some serious attitude. Welcome to the real life of identical twins.

Social media reinforces this stereotypes that identical twins have this magical inseparable bond with magical superhuman powers where they can read each others minds, or feel each others pain. In reality? My experience of identical twins has been very different to the cute memes shared across Facebook. They may genetically identical, but they have completely individual tastes, likes and schedules. To say they are identical twins, they are polar opposites. Here are some myths constantly perpetuated about identical twins;

They don’t instantly love each other.

I was expecting from the second they were born that they would not want to be apart. 37 weeks spent curled up together in the womb would surely mean they would find comfort together? We put them in the same fish tank in hospital but we actually found they settled better separately. When at home, only naps were taken in the same moses basket and they went on to top and tail in a cot. Now whilst they share a bedroom, they don’t sleep right next to each other.

They don’t always wants to be joined at the hip.

This is one of my worries when they go to school that people will automatically think they can’t ask one without the other. They rarely get the chance to spend time one on one as my husband works away during threw week, plus we have more children than adults in our house so we can never have a 1-1 ratio. They do relish in time apart, but often spend most of it asking where their sister is. I think over time this will change but we try to encourage it but let them choose ultimately.

They don’t always have their own language.

Granted, my girls are just about to turn four, but we don’t have any coded secret language which only they understand. If anything, I am the ally as “she looked at my bag of crisps” or “she won’t give me the stone I like” Yes. All the important problems in life, Mama can solve them, apparently.

There isn’t an evil twin.

Don’t ask me that, it’s not OK. My answer is simple: they can both be equally as lovely or evil as each other!

Despite identical DNA, they don’t always look identical.

I think my girls look so very very different. I know, I am going to say that aren’t I? Most people who spend a bit of time with the girls agree how easy they are to tell apart. P1 has a rounded face and larger eyes like her Dad, opposed to her skinnier sister who looks so much like her brother and I.

We are only four years into our “twin” journey and are now facing decisions that are more difficult than I thought they would be. With twins, starting school is proving to be such a mind meddle as I don’t know what to do for the best. I know it’ll all work itself out, but the Mum guilt is amplified with twins as it’s a whole new ball game – one I have zero experience of. My motto for twins is to go with the flow and wing it. It’s worked for the last four years, long may it continue!
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First of all – wow. You are about to embark on the craziest, scariest, most daunting journey your life will ever take. I bet your head is spinning after seeing two blobs on your scan sending you into complete shock; that’s normal. I found out we were having twins on 11th December 2012 and believe me, the shock of twins despite being around me 24/7 has not waned!

After the shock comes utter exhilaration “I can’t believe I’m having twins” is a phrase that you will blurt out to complete strangers. In time this will be replaced by “I can’t believe I had twins” And I don’t ever think I will. It is so incredibly exciting the thought of being doubly blessed and get to be part of a very special exclusive club and that’s just awesome. Well done you!

Sadly, the unbridled excitement shifts a little to make way for nerves. Google is not your friend. It will scare the holy crap out of you and put you on edge for your pregnancy. Google convinced me my pregnancy would be a risky one and my babies would be tiny and premature (all of which I know can happen but didn’t, and I struggled to read a positive twin pregnancy and birth article!) Nerves are to be expected. I mean you’ve been transformed from regular run of the mill pregnant lady to a VIPP (very important pregnant person!) who gets scans every couple of weeks, oodles more appointments not to mention priority for your own room post birth. It can seem all a bit overwhelming as everyone has to point out that carrying twins brings more complications but whilst some do, just as some singleton pregnancies do, not all do! View Post


How to move house with twins? DON’T!

Yes, we are currently mid-move and it’s proving nigh on impossible. For every one thing I pack away, they manage to unpack at least 5. Chasing your tail would be a complete understatement as I attempt to do anything when they are on the prowl.


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I am on a number of twin related Facebook groups and every so often there will be a discussion about “do you dress your twins the same” and it provokes some full blown arguments, fights and insults!

See dressing twins is an incredibly marmite topic and everyone seems to have a very definite opinion on it. You have team “it is so cute” vs team “you will mentally scar them for life”. You will get the occasional middle of the road person (which I would like to think I am) but in no uncertain terms do I think dressing baby/toddler twins the same will have a negative impact on their lives. Now that’s not a medically, scientifically or whatever else you want to say proven analysis – no it’s just my PERSONAL OPINION (just incase there’s any trolls in the house)

My girls are identical. We know this as I did a DNA test which again for the benefit of the trolls was our OWN decision that we made, namely so the girls will grow up knowing. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we wanted them to be either identical or fraternal (they’re our kids so we will kinda love them no matter what ok?!) So with being identical they’re the same gender which you may think is glaringly obvious but the amount of parents of boy/girl twins who say they are constantly asked if they’re identical is somewhat hilarious. But yes, two girls. After having a boy we exploded in overload of buying a different gender selection of clothes and I sort of went into autopilot and brought two of everything. I don’t think I ever consciously decided that I would dress them the same its just…happened. Most people when buying them clothes buy two of the same so they have a lot of matching items.

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As the title says it’s twins, multiples & more week. Despite knowing for almost 18 months and having them here for almost 13 months – I still cannot believe I have twins.

It’s hard work but quite honestly the most amazing experience you can have. Seeing how two little girls who are identical genetically are so different personality wise. How they have their own quirky little traits. Watching each day their bond start to grow and strengthen.
Having twins on occasions can make you feel like a minor celebrity! You rarely can go somewhere without someone stopping you and asking you all about them. Then there’s people who smile from afar or wave at them and tell me I’ve got my hands full and I’ve even people who stop and point like they have 3 heads!!
These two girls have certainly had a huge impact on our family and despite having almost doubled our family in size, resulted in us having to move house and buy a different car – they have brought so much happiness, laughter and love to our lives. If ever in the future we decided to have another baby – I’d love it to be twins again! It’s amazing to be part of a very elite club where there’s two (or three or maybe more!) of everyone and in twins, multiples and more week – hats off up all mamas pregnant with multiples, with newborn multiples, toddler multiples or grown up multiples – I think we all are doing a pretty awesome job!
Twins, Multiples & More Week
B x

Baby led weaning twins – I know everyone thought I was crazy. I have to admit – I too was skeptical. The thought of two babies feeding themselves and choking absolutely petrified me. The thought of the time, mess & waste seemed like a complete headache I really didn’t need aside to our already completely manic days. I didn’t want to admit my babies were growing up and becoming people and that our little 4 hourly milk feeds was about to go totally out the window. So here we are at 8.5 months. And I’ve a confession.

I absolutely LOVE baby led weaning my twins! I love meal times. I   Love planning and preparing what the girls can have next and aside to sometimes lacking inspiration. I’m really enjoying seeing the girls feeding themselves. And furthermore can’t believe how they pretty much eat EVERYTHING!
I must admit I’m not 100% purist as I have and do spoon feed the girls some things such as potato, beans etc and in they earlier days even gave them puréed foods but I have yet to give them food from a jar or packet. Something I was convinced I’d end up resorting to when the thought of feeding two babies meant I’d be sat there for hours. But no. They’re pretty speedy eaters when hungry!
I’m not a great eater myself. I’m very fussy & it’s something I tried so hard not to pass on but sadly Charlie too is a faddy eater despite my attempts so everything crossed that the girls buck the trend and are good little munchers!!
B x

When I found out I was pregnant I was absolutely thrilled. We had only got married on 30th September so to find out on 24th October that I was pregnant was amazing and also meant – honeymoon baby!

With Charlie I’d had a very easy problem free pregnancy but from about a week after getting a BFP I started feeling rather nauseous. As the weeks went on it intensified making work rather interesting! Then the tiredness and sickness started. Big time. I secretly thought I may be having a little girl as it was the complete opposite of my first pregnancy. However this feeling so ill coincided with Kate Middleton being admitted to hospital so think at my booking in appointment the midwife thought I was jumping on the bandwagon
Anyway, the day after Charlie’s 4th birthday (which consisted of me running back from nursery to puke in the hedge at the bottom of the road -fit!) and then lay under a blanket as everyone sang happy birthday, was our 12 week scan.
How I dragged myself to hospital ill never know but I lay across the chair in the waiting room convinced I wouldn’t be able to be scanned as I needed a full bladder, and at that stage I was vomiting back a mouthful of water! Apologies as we went into scan room that I hadn’t drank and looked horrific but the sonographer and midwife were lovely as I lay down. Then it happened.
All our eyes fixed on the screen waiting to see our little baby when she started to hesitate and said the terrifying line “oh I thought that was the case” which put the fear of God into us but as my husband started to check if all ok she reassured us by saying “there’s baby” so we all sighed a huge sigh of relief. Only to be followed with… “And there’s the other”
Complete silence.
Then I started laughing. A lot. Hub started crying and asked them to check if there was only 2 to which I felt like I had floated out of my body and this was a dream. I can’t really recall much more except my nervous stunned disbelief laughing! We were only 11 weeks and was too early to do any more checks so I remember another scan being booked for 3 days after Christmas and the identical word being used due to one placenta and one membrane
We walked out of the scan room (armed with a scan summary and scan pics as i don’t  think we thought it was real!) straight to the doctors to get some anti sickness tablets on the midwives advice both in complete shock and there I made the biggest mistake ever. I went on google. Tip – NEVER type identical twins into google when you’re 11 weeks pregnant as it will traumatise you for the rest of your pregnancy – not to mention the birth!
I have to admit I had no prior knowledge about twins. I remember when I was 5 my friend at school had twin brothers andddd that was about it.
Now, call me crazy but I thought to have twins you either had to be a twin or have twins close in the family but noooo! I have since become a bit of a twin geek and our girls were classed as MC/DC twins which basically meant one placenta, two sacs and one membrane separating them thus being identical. And identical twins are when the egg splits and are a random occurrence – so there you go!
Our scan pics – just so we knew there really WAS two!
B x