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I keep reading that we are currently experiencing a very cold and very wet 2018 so far. I know we have barely been out on the weekends due to awful weather, so I have definitely been watching way more TV than usual, which has actually been a good thing as I have discovered some brilliant new shows on Netflix. As you know, this year I am working with Netflix and am part of their Netflix Stream Team. My friend often asks me for recommendations so I thought I’d share what I have been loving on Netflix and these definitely are ones you can watch this rather chilly February.

The Good Place

OH. MY. GOD. I could not watch this fast enough. I am going to declare my pure unadulterated love for Kristen Bell who is “forking” brilliant in this (watch it, you’ll get it!) My Parents always used to watch Cheers so as soon as I saw Ted Danson was in it, I knew I was onto a winner. It follows Bell as Eleanor who dies and is sent to “The Good Place” except, there’s been a mistake and she doesn’t actually belong there. I managed to watch both seasons in under a week as they’re 25 minute long episodes making it really do-able. I really hope they make a third season as I am already missing it.

The End of the F***ing World

This is deliciously dark but utterly gripping. I watched the whole thing in one sitting as I was pulled in after the first ten minutes. The lead characters James and Alyssa are just brilliant and hurrah for having an excellent English series. It is refreshing to watch something British and this dark drama will have you desperately wanting more. I just loved Alyssa with her unique “style” but she was such a brilliant character that was so strong yet so vulnerable. Brilliant. Just brilliant.


I have only just started this but I am really enjoying it. It follows Dylan who finds out he has an STD and has to let all his former partners know. I am finding his friend Luke strangely attractive despite being such an awful human – should I admit that?! I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out as there’s obviously something between Dylan and Evie.

Now these are ones that have been around quite a while but I definitely have enjoyed them and would definitely recommend if you’ve not seen them.

Breaking Bad

I know, I know I’m like five years too late to the party aren’t I? I usually am with “cult” shows but I’ve enjoyed Breaking Bad despite totally missing it the first time round. HOWEVER. Six seasons with fourteen episodes in each at almost an hour-long, it’s taken some going. I will admit I often quickly lose interest (sorry Suits!) and it can be daunting knowing there’s so many series. I’ve currently stalled at the end of season three, but feel as I’ve invested so much time I need to carry on.


A very controversial documentary but one I have watched quite a few times and never fails to haunt me. I’m not going to get into a huge debate as I have read so many very heated arguments both for and against Sea World, but for me I know that after watching it I personally could not bring myself to visit. A very powerful, heart-breaking documentary but one everyone should watch.

What have you been loving this month so I can fill February with your faves?

B xx

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I have not been asked to write this post, but just love sharing my faves!

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  1. 6th February 2018 / 7:59 am

    I have just watched Glow and I really enjoyed it. Stranger things is my all time favourite Netflix show though X

  2. Theresa
    6th February 2018 / 1:49 pm

    Just finished Peaky Blinders, started The Killing, also watching Black Mirror – it’s like the Twilight Zone of the 21st century, the weirdness based in technology. I enjoyed Ozarks & Stranger Things. Breaking Bad is awesome! Lengthy but worth watching. So many great characters! No other series comes close to BB.

    • 6th February 2018 / 1:53 pm

      My husband has watched BB and keeps saying I must persevere – I will finish it!!

  3. 11th February 2018 / 8:19 pm

    The Good Place is just forking brilliant isn’t it, and I now want to watch everything with Kristen Bell in it. I keep looking at the End of the F***ing World but will definitely give it a watch now. We have just started watching White Collar which reminds me of Suits x

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