My Favourite Low Syn Snacks on Slimming World

As you may know if you have seen my weekly vlogs, I have re-joined my local Slimming World group. I love Slimming World; I never feel deprived and on days where only crisps will solve it, then I can have crisps! I am often asked for what my favourite low syn snacks are and I thought I’d give you the low down on what I use as my treats.

Slimming World advise you have between 5 and 15 syns every day. Many people think that cutting out syns will help speed up their weight loss – wrong. For Slimming World to work, you need to have all four main components of free food, health option a, healthy option b and syns. I try to eat at least 5 a day and try to aim for 10. This really is to cover myself if I do indulge over the weekend, as I will have accrued some spare syns to back me up. I thought I’d share my favourite low syn snacks that I think are super tasty with you:

Pepsi Max – free. A quick, refreshing pick me up to cure my sweet tooth

Muller lights – free. They have just released some super tasty new raspberry doughnut flavour – this one is a real favourite along with the vanilla cheesecake!

low syn snacks

Mini Milk ice lolly – 1.5syns

Flump Marshmallow – 2 syns

Mini Twister ice lolly – 2 syns

Pink N Whites wafers – 2.5 syns

Fruit Pastell ice lolly – 3 syns

Gin – 3 syns per 25ml shot. Mix with a diet mixer that is free and you’re onto a winner!

HiFi bar – 3 syns (or use 2 as your healthy option B) These are only available in group. The double chocolate chip are my favourites.

Fiber One chocolate brownie – 4 syns

Chipsticks – 4 syns These are my go to crisps. Not only do you get 8 in a bag but they’re also just a quid!

Pom bears – 4 syns

French Fries crisps (all flavours)–  4 syns

Milky bar mousse – 4.5syns

I also asked some bloggers for their favourites and it’s fair to say they’ve given me some serious inspiration (not to mention make my tummy rumble)

Cat: Sweet chilli rice crackers. Each compartment is 5 syns each and there about 15 rice crackers in each compartment. I’m addicted to them

low syn snacks

Lianne: Matchmakers are 1syn each, love them 

Cheryl: Mikados are 0.5 syns each and a complete lifesaver!

Erica:  Oooh that Halo ice cream. I’d class that as a snack others may not. It’s a game changer! It varies flavour to flavour but 1/4 tub of sea salt caramel is 4 syns

Rachael: Caramel Freddo chocolates that are 5 syns each. My perfect evening treats!

Kerry: I used to have a fun box of smarties as my chocolate fix because I could take my time eating them. I think they are 4 syns. I also used to stock up on flying saucers, I can’t remember how much exactly but seem to remember them only being 0.5 syns. 

Hayley: Meringue nests. I literally eat them plain as a snack at times! They’re just 3 syns on their own and very very sweet so they kick that sugar craving!

Kayley Anne: Caramel snack-a-jacks are 2.5 syns for the large ones. I layer one up with banana, yoghurt and berries as an evening treat.

If you are off to Aldi this week, Laura shared this huge list of foods you can get from Aldi including tonnes of Aldi own brand low syn snacks

Just remember that Slimming World is supposed to be a healthy eating plan and not a diet. You can still have your favourite treats as and when, but just in moderation. I think as soon as you start viewing it as a diet and restricting yourself then it’s game over. Good luck on your mission to lose the pounds and feel better. I’m right there with you wanting to get to target weight membership.

B xx

Please note all syn values were accurate as per the Slimming Wood food search on 21/1/18. For up to date information please verify 

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