How to Make Bath Time Bearable

Now, if like me, you dread that certain point of a week when you know it’s bath time….and you can’t put it off any longer either – then it’s time to rethink bath time.

From the moment the tap starts running, my twin girls just play every trick in the book to either avoid getting into the tub or are just determined to hate every second when they finally do get in. Whether it’s the fear of getting water in their eyes, the idea of being naked, they feel cold when they’re in the bath or just generally hate being washed, it can be difficult to get to the bottom of the problem.

So here, I’ve created a list of helpful tips to make bath time run a little smoother for everyone involved!

Take a look at your suite

Is your bath cracked? Dirty? Old and seen better days? Are your taps rusted? Covered in limescale or maybe your bathroom floor is dangerous? If your bathroom looks uninviting then it’s easy to see why your little one might not be too keen to spend any extended time in it. If it’s time to invest in a new bathroom suite – or maybe just treat the family to a new bath tub then check out betterbathrooms for some quick and easy inspiration. It’s amazing what a new set of taps or a new shower head can do for the look and feel of your bathroom.


When it comes to bath time, timing is everything. I try to keep the event as short as possible. It’s just easier that way!

Let your child know in good time that bath time is approaching, let them know how long they have to play (if they want to of course), let them know when you’re going to wash their hair, let them know how long until they can get out. It might even be fun/useful to use an egg timer or use an alarm on your phone to help them count along with you.


Is your child worried about going under? Worried about getting water into their eyes or soap? It’s understandable of course, no one likes shampoo in their eyes. So why not show them the things you put in place to keep them safe. The non-slip bathmat you can place inside the tub together so that they won’t slip. Keep a towel nearby so they can dab their face if they get splashed.

The grip handles on the side of the bath that are there if they need to turn. And if they’re really worried – give them a pair of goggles or even a silly snorkel to wear while you’re washing their hair!

Another alternative is to fill the bath with shallow water (to keep their legs warm) and simply shower their body instead. Avoiding any areas above the chest. This kind of shower is quick and simple and they may feel that they’re more in control- especially if you take it in turns holding the shower head!

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Disclosure: This is a collaborative  post

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