January Vs December

I know I keep moaning but my gosh, doesn’t January suck? It is without a doubt, the worst month on the calendar and it really is such a let down after the amazing month of December which precedes it. I know every month cannot be filled with so much fun but January really is so bleak and here’s why January really sucks in comparison to December.

December – can’t wait to get home and switch on the twinkly Christmas lights and curl up by the fire with a festive mug of hot chocolate, or a mulled wine  topped off with a tasty mince pie. Being at home is all you crave in December which is geared around spending times with family and friends. Come January however, you cannot wait to get away. You spend hours hammering holiday websites dreaming of sunnier climes and holiday bookings go through the roof in January as we all want to escape the grey dull weather in favour of blue skies.

In December, all you want is for it to snow and we were so lucky that this year we got some – on Charlie’s birthday! It doesn’t feel right if you don’t have super cold weather as it all adds to the Christmas period, but come January all you do is moan about how cold it is. Snow would NOT be welcome in January and why is it so dark? Can we all just fast forward to Spring to shake this funk.

The shops too are sparse. With all the leftovers from the Boxing Day sales hanging around, finding anything that isn’t hideous in a minuscule size is mission impossible. I wandered round the shops yesterday unable to find anything that wasn’t a 75% reduced stocking for a cat or dog or a lynx gift set. Please retailers – start making the shops useful again! I can’t wade through all this tat for much longer, there’s enough of that piled high in every room at home. I can’t be the only person still trying to find homes for the copious amounts of toys their children received?!

Eating in December quite frankly is highly encouraged and we all happily let our barriers down as chocolate for breakfast is mandatory apparently! We all eat, drink and be merry all throughout December as social events and gatherings all centre around filling our faces, but in January this is frowned upon. As the clock strikes midnight, we all decide to adopt a “New Year New Me” mantra so the sweet treats are banished in favour of strict diets and usually deciding on a whim to not only give up alcohol but to join a gym. We are bombarded with six packed gorgeous men and women flaunting their rock hard abs telling us that this could be us in 30 days. The shelves are filled with diet friendly foods as the Christmas chocs are sold with 50% off, talk about testing our willpower!

Not only can you not eat or drink what you want, but you can’t go anywhere or buy anything as everyone is skint! I have decided to try to avoid starting my New Years diet and exercise regime until the end of January so I have time to beat my post-Christmas blues. There’s always too much pressure to do everything on 1st January, so I am making it bearable by still munching chocolates and having lazy Harry Potter filled weekends as we get back into the school routine and get ready to face 2018 head on – feeling a little smilier!

B xx

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  1. 6th January 2018 / 4:44 pm

    I am one of those strange people who like January as it’s mine and my daughter’s birthday within 3 days of each other. I think the birthday craziness sees me through January but then come February it’s all about being frugal and eating salad lol x

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