Forever Forgetting

Whether we’re just too busy looking at our smartphones, we’re to busy being parents or just generally exhausted from everyday life – it really can be impossible to remember everything!

Whether it’s where you parked the car, or where you put your keys, forgetting the skirting boards when you clean (take a look at if yours need replacing urgently) there’s always something that has fallen to the backs of our minds – never to return! Here we look at some of the things we always forget! How many apply to you?

The essentials

You probably forget one of these items weekly, whether you forgot where you put it last and lost it, or you just forgot to bring it with you. You go to the supermarket and you’ve left your purse or wallet at home, you go to unlock your car and you’ve left your keys inside – it’s part of life losing these items it seems!

It is joked about constantly with people forgetting where you put your keys – only to find them wedged in between the sofa cushions or just sitting right in front of you on the table. It happens to everyone weekly for whatever reason. At least you can call your smartphone – unless it is on silent, no comment…!

Why you came into the room

Is it an age thing? Is it a tired thing? Is it because all you can hear is the kids screaming and the dog barking – let alone your own thoughts! Who knows why this happens…but guarantee it’s happened to you more than once!

To drink water

Something we all promise we’ll do – but never seem to quite achieve it. It’s strange, we can go to the effort of making tea and coffee, drink glass after glass of our favourite alcoholic beverage – yet the aptitude to drink water on a regular basis seems to be in the same place you left your keys…!

To take out the bin

It’s Monday tomorrow, which means: bin day. You say to yourself that you’ll move the bin to kerb in the morning. But you don’t remember that little promise until gone lunchtime…oops!

Your New Years resolution

Not matter what it is, it always seems to slip our minds until it’s too late. Whether you’re tucking into a bacon sandwich and remember you said you’d be a vegetarian or you’re sat at home watching TV when you said you’d go to the gym after work…oh well, there’s always next year.

Birthdays & anniversaries

It’s on the calendar, it’s in your diary – the person in question has even reminded you subtly (of course) that a certain day is approaching. But you’ve got it covered, right? Whether it’s forgetting to order that gift in time, or just waking up in horror on the actual day, birthday’s and anniversaries can be an absolute minefield!

Setting your alarm

We’ve all done it. Snuggled into bed on Sunday, resting for the week ahead. Then you wake to find you should have left for work over an hour ago! Let’s hope your manager doesn’t notice: this time!

B xx

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