The Boy is 9

My baby is 9 today. When talking about him I always say “my little boy” and I think people presume he’s about 3. Truth is, he will always be my little boy. The one where it all began, nine long years ago.

Life is so very different now to what it was back then and I am so grateful to have had him by my side. This last year has seen him grow in more ways than one (he’s a bloody giant!) We have experienced a taste of hormonal strops and boy they aren’t fun! He is needing me less and less and growing into such a dude with it all.

I don’t feature him as much as I used to on the blog, purely because I know some of his friends are present on YouTube and already have seen some of the videos. I think there comes a time when you really need to think about the kids and while he still absolutely loves getting involved in reviews, he’s not as keen to pose unlike his little sisters.

On this his ninth birthday, it’s a time to reflect. He only has two more years left until he’s off to the secondary school and a whole new chapter awaits. He still adores his little sisters (most of the time) and helps them so much. I know we are on the clock where they’re going to be the most irritating people on the planet and he no longer wants anything to do with them. But for now, he’s happy as anything to throw himself into fun and games with them.

He’s still such a lovely kid for the most. He is so kind and thoughtful and makes me so very proud. I couldn’t ask for a better son and the last nine years have simply been the best I could ever have wished for.

Happy birthday Charlie boy.

Mommy xx

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  1. 10th December 2017 / 6:44 pm

    Happy birthday to your boy! I hope he has had a wonderful day x