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It’s crazy to think after months of planning that this time next week, it will all be over. You will be left scratching your head wondering where on earth you will put all the new HUMONGOUS toys along with sweeping up scraps of glittery wrapping paper for the next month, but the one I always struggle with it what to do with the leftover turkey. The last few years we have had a turkey crown so it’s just the meat left over, but no matter how hard we try and plan, we always end up with LOADS of turkey left over. I turned to my fellow bloggers for some ideas on how to use the turkey leftovers and they came up with loads of brilliant turkey recipe and ideas.

Laura from Life With Baby Kicks shared her healthy coconut turkey curry recipe. After weeks of eating chocolate for breakfast, mince pies for lunch and munching pigs in blankets washed down with mulled wine in the evening, I think my body will be desperately craving some good food so this simple turkey curry sounds a brilliant way to use up the leftover turkey.

Big Stevie Cool shared his super yummy Christmas leftover pie. This is a great way to not only use the turkey, but any other bits left over from the big day. Any reason to eat more pigs in blankets is always a winner in my eyes!

Helen from Casa Costello’s turkey, chestnut, bacon and prosecco oven baked risotto instantly caught my eye (mainly as it had the word prosecco in it!) Her post has a really easy simple step by step guide on how to cook the risotto and would make a great meal if you’re having guests over for Boxing Day.

Christmas can often leave us feeling the pinch after spending so much so Laura has it covered with seven leftover turkey recipes that work out for less than £1 a head. What a genius way to use up leftover over Christmas food all whilst doing it on a budget. I know the turkey fried rice would go down a storm with my kids!

I love Kelly from Reduced Grub as her site always is filled with super tasty ideas. I found this turkey samosa recipe which works out to them costing just 20p each! They looks so scrummy and would be a brilliant addition to a Boxing Day buffet which is often what we opt for after the stress of cooking the day before. K

Kelly also has a turkey pie recipe on her site too which i’m sure will be amazing as per!

Megan suggested using her mini chicken ramen recipe – but just swapping the chicken for turkey! It is her spin on the famous Wagamamas ramen recipe and would be a great alternative after a heavy Christmas carb-a-licious meal.

Loads of brilliant ways to use to leftover turkey without compromising on the taste! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas – filled with super tasty food!

B xx

Thank you to all the bloggers who kindly contributed to this post. You can find their full recipes via the links shared above

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  1. 20th December 2017 / 9:20 am

    Yum! Great ideas…I love the look of the Christmas leftover pie x