My Favourite Blog Posts of 2017 (Part 1)

I cannot believe we are at the end of 2017. For me, it has been such a big year with my baby girls starting school and adjusting to life with no kids at home. As I look back, it has been a pretty amazing year blog-wise with some amazing trips and partnerships, with 2018 set to look even better.

I really enjoyed doing my favourite posts of 2016 and giving a shout out to some amazing bloggers so thought I’d share some of my favourites that have stuck with me throughout 2017.

Kicking off is Kerry from Kerry Louise Norris whose blog had a rebrand this year. Kerry’s writing is still amazing as ever and her post from her daughters perspective regarding her post-natal depression is one to stop you in your tracks. Kerry so bravely and openly shares her experience and her ongoing battle with PND. She is so strong and inspirational and this beautiful post will bring a tear to the eye.

I think we all have an angelic idea of what we are going to be like as parents. I always dreamed of being a Mommy who loves baking and crafting with my kids when in reality, my heart winces when they suggest doing so as it ends up being incredibly stressful. Harriet from Toby and Roo absolutely nails this dream (as she so often does) with her truthful piece about not being the Mum she always thought she would be. The last line really resonates with me

Learning to be the mum I really am as opposed to the one I hoped to be is pretty tough.

It is but it’s also something I’m coming to terms with.

Becky from Diary of A Fat Bottomed Girl lost her beloved husband Chris in 2017. They both openly shared his cancer journey, and was part of the Channel 4 documentary My Cancer Dairy which tragically was shown not long after Chris passed away leaving Becky and their two young children. I don’t think anyone will be able to read this heartbreakingly beautiful post titled “He’s Going To Build a Space Rocket” I have so much I’d love to say but Becky’s words say it all. It sounds bizarre but with writers like Becky sharing their journey, it really impacts my life as a reader. I feel the need to seize the day, makes those dreams a reality and live life, as tragically like the Cowley’s you never know what is around the corner.

My best friend started blogging this year after giving birth to her second son in May. I found her post about the Five Stages of Naptime utterly hilarious and so damn true! I do not miss the war that used to be naptime in my house when the girls were babies, especially given that they never wanted to sleep!

Blogging can be so cathartic and I felt it when I read this post by Louise at Pink Pear Bear who struggled to come to terms with her traumatic first birth. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard reading but I am so glad it had a happy ending with a healthy baby but you heart really goes out to Louise as she pours her heart and soul into this incredibly personal post.

There was an amazing Mumsnet opp come up in October and I was absolutely over the moon when my wonderful friend Stevie from A Cornish Mum blog was chosen and got to visit Universal Studios. Stevie is one of the kindest bloggers you could ever wish to meet (which we got to do in September) so it was so exciting to watch her IG stories and see her photos. I know you’ll agree her VIP tour of Universal Studios post is mind blowing and makes me so desperately want to visit there with my family.


Stayed tuned for part wo in the next few days.

B xx


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