My Bucket List 2018

I have been doing bucket list for the last few years and an annual one is always one that is so nice to look back upon and see how many I achieved. It’s always nice to see how you start and end a year with very different mind-sets and ideas of what the year ahead looks like.

I revisited my 2017 bucket list and it was lovely to see so many unexpected ones on there and creating new bigger ones throughout the year, namely our big trip to Walt Disney World next year. 2017 was without a doubt one of the biggest years of change we’ve experienced with my girls starting school in September. The dynamics of day-to-day life have changed dramatically so it’s been a real learning curve for us all. As we say goodbye to 2017, I look forward to 2018 and what we can manage to achieve as a family.

  1. Travel more. I have a burning passion for going away. It doesn’t have to be far afield but just a few nights away every few months is something I adore. I love being able to take the kids to new places and hopefully along with Disney, we will have a very exciting summer holiday (all shall be revealed soon!)
  2. Be more healthy. I found in 2017, I was far too caught up in numbers on the scale. I finally achieved my target weight with Slimming World but once I had, it seemed to give me license to not care. This year I want to focus more on how I feel opposed to what the scales say. I think that is a much more productive attitude to have and also really need to dust off my gym membership!
  3. Vlog more. I really do enjoy vlogging but I struggle with the editing side. I really want to get back into it this year and will start making more in January.
  4. Re-carpet the stairs and landing. I desperately want new carpet down as we have been here over two years, the one thing we didn’t do was think of the flooring. In all fairness, downstairs is lovely but the stairs and landing are looking very battered so I think new carpets will really lift the whole area.
  5. Stop hoarding. My house is in such a desperate need of decluttering, especially after Christmas. I need to stop holding onto clothes that I loved the kids in that quite clearly don’t fit or something I may wear with one pair of trousers. I need to be ruthless and keep stuff we actually want and need. I did make a start with the kids rooms but post-Christmas you’d never know. I really want to try to have my life in some form of better order than the chaos we live amongst!
  6. Save money. Clich√© isn’t it? But I think maybe in 2019 when our mortgage is up for renewal, we will possibly think about moving if we have enough money behind us. The problem is, the area we live in the price difference between a 3 bedroom and a 4 bedroom is huge and we have both said there’s no point moving to another 3 bed. Ultimately I want the girls to have their own bedrooms, plus another room downstairs so this is the essentials when looking to move.
  7. Stop being so negative. This is going to be a hard one as I can be quite a pessimistic person, but after chatting to a good friend I have realised how toxic social media can be. I found in 2017 that if someone who annoyed me popped up on my Facebook feed, it could put me in a bad mood all day, silly isn’t it? I really want to try to block out pointless drama and focus on the better things in life.
  8. Read more. I am going to set myself a challenge to read more in 2018. It is something I really enjoy doing yet always just seem to forget to. This also goes for reading blog posts. I sued to be so good at it but have waned in 2017.
  9. Go out more. We really didn’t go out very often in 2017 so I would like to go out for meals with friends more as it’s something we really seem to neglect. With my husband working away, weekends always seem to fly by but it is important to strike a good balance and make the most of it seeing as the kids will be in bed by 7pm!
  10. ENJOY! I have come to the realisation that you really do only get one shot at this life. Amazing bloggers such as Julia from Rainbeaubelle and Becky from Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl who share their stories of losing their husbands, have made me realise how precious life is and that it is for living, as they so sadly have found out after losing Roger and Chris. They inspire me with their bravery and serve as a reminder to be grateful of what you have as you never know what is around the corner.

I hope you all have a wonderfully happy New Year whatever you are doing and here’s to a happy, healthy 2018.

B xx

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