Birthdays, Breaking Up and SO MUCH SNOW! #LittleLoves

I haven’t done a #LittleLoves post for a while and it’s always nice to share how life has been lately so with a spare half an hour, I thought i’d share our week with you all. The kids break up from school today and I think it’s much earlier than most schools but we are so ready for a break after a crazy weather week and so much excitements about a certain young mans 9th birthday.


I have been compiling my favourite posts of the year and it really stops you in your tracks when you realise just how man y amazing blogs and writers are out there. I read some posts back and they are just as powerful now when i first read them. I absolutely love reading blogs and wish I had more time to read so many more. Keep your eyes peeled for the post in the next few weeks as there are some corkers.

I wtahced the first episode of Bancroft but somehow have forgotten to catch up with the rest. I think i will have a binge at the weekend with my husband – so no spoilers! Netflix have some brilliant Christmas stuff on at the moment and I am thrilled Love Actually is now available. It is the ultimate cheese Christmas film but I love a smushy rom-com so must fit it in.

All I have heardc this week is about the weather! We had heavy snow fall last Friday which led to the school being closed at 1.15pm. We had another really heavy downpour on Sunday which was Charlie’s 9th birthday. It did mean that we had to cancel his party, however it was quite ther birthday to have and as we have snow so infrequently I know it’s one he won’t forget for many years to come!

Since Tuesday, the weather has now turned to ice and it’s been utterly lethal getting the kids to school. Luckily it was closed Monday and Tuesday but we have managed it.

It was the girls first school disco last night and they went up and requested their favourite song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” It is lovely to see how much they love school and their friends.

Thermals and wellies have been the order of the day for the last week. It dropped to minus 5 on Tuesday so the heating has been on full blast. I remembered we had got the girls snowsuits for our trip to Disneyland Paris last year so they came in handy and got so many compliments, not to mention keeping them snug.

The obligatory snowman!

We are off to Bluestone on Monday for a review holiday and I can’t wait. We went back in April 2015 so I am excited to take the girls back now they’re older and will enjoy it even more. We are going with my in laws and it’s lovely the kids get to spend a few days with them.
I can’t believe there is only 10 days until Christmas, I am just so excited. Hope you’re all ready and the excitement is building in your house too.

B xx

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  1. 15th December 2017 / 9:14 pm

    Wow you had loads of snow! We had none at all down here 🙁 #LittleLoves

  2. 20th December 2017 / 9:17 am

    Wow, that’s a whole lot of snow! Snow on your birthday is pretty special and I’m sure Charlie had an absolute ball making memories.
    Hope you’re having a lovely time away at Bluestone x

  3. 20th December 2017 / 9:09 pm

    We haven’t had as much snow as everybody else and usually we get so much more ! Was a bit jealous if I am honest, I wonder if this is how people feel when we get loads of snow which is so often. Have an amazing time at Bluestone we have never been but heard good things about it x #littleloves