5 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Home Décor

We all love our homes. For most of us, it is the one place where we can truly relax and enjoy the company of our family and friends. Therefore, it is only natural to want your home to be as nice a space as possible. 2018 is only a few weeks away and it’s a chance to start afresh so giving our homes a bit of a makeover at this time of the year is often on the brain. It is always nice to start the new year with a fresh approach. Not only that, you can also potentially save yourself a lot of money by buying items in the January sales.

There are lots of easy ways to freshen up your home décor and give your home a fresh new look. Below are some of my favourites:

Put up some new pictures

Perhaps the fastest way to give your walls a makeover is to change the artwork. You can easily create stunning panoramic photo prints by using the services of a professional printing company. All you need to do is to choose an image upload it and pay. Within a few days, your new artwork will arrive. Often, you can hang your new prints using the hooks that you used for your old artwork saving you some cash.

Use stencils

If you have plain walls that you want to update another approach is to stencil them. It is really easy to find free stencil templates online. You just need to print them out onto good-quality paper and  using a sharp craft knife cut them out – bingo!

Once created, the stencils can be used to help you to quickly redecorate your walls. It is also relatively easy for you to create your own stencil designs. You just need some tracing paper and a sharp pencil.

It is also possible to use wall stickers. They are now widely available and far cheaper than they used to be. We used them for Charlie’s first bedroom when he was a baby as we were on a tight budget. They can easily be replaced as a child grows too.

Re-cover your furniture

If your sofa is looking a little tired, you don’t always have to throw it away. Instead why not look at getting it recovered. It is now extremely easy to buy sofa covers online and, recently, prices have fallen; you just need to shop about.  

You can easily recover most dining room chairs. In many cases, you will be able to do the job yourself. This short article shows you exactly how to do it. If you are a bit nervous about doing this task, take a pair of old curtains and use that fabric to help you to practice. Once you are confident you have got the technique right, you can move onto using the fabric you have bought to re-cover your chairs.

Update your soft furnishings

Changing the colour of your throws, rugs and cushion covers is another easy way to update the look of a room. There are so many different websites to have a nosey at. I often find myself losing hours spent scouring the net for pretty home things and am forever wanting to change colour schemes. I used to be gazing at pretty shoes but now I love a good snuggly throw.

In a bathroom, just simply replacing the rug ort treating yourself to a few new towels is a fast way to give it a fresher look. Replacing your bathroom accessories and ornaments will complete the transformation instantly. 

Use decals

If you have tiled walls in your kitchen or bathroom you could use decals to change the freshen up your home. They do not take long to apply. Plus, provided you buy the right kind they can easily be peeled off and changed a year or two down the line. I am so tempted to do this in our tired looking kitchen in 2018 – best add it to the resolution list!

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Disclosure: this is a collaborative post

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