My 2017 Bucket List – Revisited

It’s always nice to make a list for the forthcoming year. I have done this for the past few years and it’s nice to look back 12 months on to see how many I achieved. It’s also nice to see what my aspirations were 12 months ago and how life really can be so unpredictable and you can never fully go through with what you always want. It is always good fun writing one of these and here is my 2018 goal list; but first lets revisit 2017.

  1. Renovate the kitchen. FAIL. We finally did our bathroom and it looks simply stunning. The kitchen however took the back foot after making a big holiday decision (see further down) that made a lot of our money-saving in a different direction.
  2. Take a city break. FAIL. Life got in the way although technically I did stay in London overnight ON MY OWN so that simply was the dream.
  3. Hit my Slimming World target. DONE. I finally decided to change my target after chasing my tail for so long. I was so thrilled, however the last few months have proved really difficult to maintain. I decided to enjoy December and am going to re-join with friends in the New Year. Since stopping attending the group and going it alone, I definitely found my willpower waned so a new passion come January is much needed.
  4. Go to the beach. DONE. We went on holiday to Anglesey for a week in August and had such an amazing time, as we were so lucky with the weather. The kids just loved the weather enabling them to get in the sea. It is so relaxing to be near the coast and we all definitely recharged our batteries before school started.
  5. Take the kids away for a night. DONE.
    I decided to be brave and we went off to Blackpool overnight; just me and the kids for the first time. I have to say it was brilliant, definitely a highlight of the year. Our half term was later than most others, so Blackpool Pleasure Beach was deserted meaning we got on so many rides and did so much. I definitely want to go back as it’s such a great place for kids as it’s all they want – rides, amusements and the seaside!
  6. Spend more days with my friends. DONE. Since the girls started school in September, I have really needed friends to rely on and it’s been lovely meeting regularly with such good friends; I really am lucky. My best friend has been on maternity leave for over half the year so it’s been nice to pop in and see her so often. I don’t even want to think about when she goes back to work in 2018.
  7. Go to more blog conferences. DONE. Well, in fairness I just attended both the Blog On conferences but still! I also attended a Netflix event as I have been part of the Netflix Stream Team this year which has been such an honour and fun campaign to be on. I have just loved working with them and loved going down to London to spend the day with other bloggers. 
  8. Go back to the Harry Potter Studios. DONE. Charlie and I spent a day together at the end of the summer indulging in all things Potter. He had read all the books so really knew what everything was and we had a blast just being together. It was a brilliant day and another to store in the memory bank. I’m so conscious that he is getting bigger and soon time with me isn’t going to come so easily, so I am trying to savour each moment and also give him 1 on 1 time.
  9. Save money. DONE. We have been saving as we booked to go to Florida next November! Yes after pondering, we bit the bullet and booked. This has meant the kitchen renovation has taken a back seat but it’s a once in a lifetime isn’t it? We haven’t told the kids and aren’t planning to until closer to the time. I just can’t wait!
  10. Get a tattoo. FAIL. I don’t even remember thinking this at any point? It’s not on the agenda and is probably staying off the agenda. What a random one!

There we have it. 2017 has been a really good year as a whole where we have had such big changes with the girls starting school, but we have all settled into our new way of life and here’s to another brilliant year in 2018!

B xx

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