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As we trudge our way through October, the dark nights and cold mornings are upon us and with Christmas still feeling that bit too far away to get excited, my mind always turns to a holiday and getting away from the doom and gloom England offers throughout the winter months.

I absolutely love getting away; whether it be a night away in a hotel or planning a big family holiday abroad, I always like to have SOMETHING to focus on. I am definitely the sort of person that once we land, I will be googling our next trip. Winter sun seems SO appealing right now but in all honesty it seems unlikely this year.

By far, my favourite family holiday was our trip to Disneyland Paris last December where all the Christmas decorations were up and the pure magic of Disney shone through. We flew to Disney and used Purple Parking at the airport so it made our trip super simple and stress free.

In an ideal world, I would absolutely love to travel to New York. I have never been to American and as a kid, it is one of the places that really sticks in your mind. So many TV shows and films are filmed there and growing up, America was just everywhere so I have always dreamed of visiting there.

I’d absolutely love to take a road trip from New York to Florida taking in all America has to offer on the way. Granted, it would take almost a day to drive between the two it but still!

These two iconic cities are two I want to visit more than anything. As a huge Disney fan, a trip to Walt Disney World is stuff of my childhood dreams so to visit Florida would be the final piece of the puzzle. In New York, I want to visit Ground Zero as it is so important to remember the awful events of 9/11. I always wanted to visit for my 30th, but it now looks like it’s more likely to be my 40th. These two places are heads and shoulders above anywhere else I want to travel in the whole world.

Where is your dream destination?

B xx

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  1. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops
    10th October 2017 / 12:05 pm

    I would love to visit Iceland and see the northern lights, it’s on my bucket list and I hope to get there before I turn 40 (which is thankfully still a few years off yet!)