Monthly Bucket List – November

November is always a good month for me. It is not only acceptable to talk about Christmas but it is also my birthday month! Yes the best people are definitely born in November. On to our penultimate bucket list of the year and indeed forever; I have decided not to run the monthly bucket list in 2018 as I feel I have more time on my hands with the girls at school, so I no longer need reminding. I will stick to an annual one as it’s always so nice to look back on. Thanks to all those loyal folk who link up time and time again, you are all wonderful.

bucket list

Here is a recap of my October goals:

  • Book an eye test. FAIL. I have booked the kids in for the dentist though so I’m totally taking it as I was organising for at least one appointment.
  • Charity shop clear out. DONE. Oh wow, we got rid of around 8 bags and still have lots more to go before Christmas. It is incredibly therapeutic I have to say, although it can be hard knowing the price you paid for some things that are in bin bags!
  • Arrange my birthday. DONE. We are off to the dogs!! I have only ever been once before and thought it’d make a change from just going for a meal. There’s six of us going so I hope it’s good fun.
  • Go pumpkin picking. DONE. We went to the National Forest Adventure Farm and had a brilliant family day during half term.

November is going to be a busy one I’m sure so this nis what I really want to get sorted:

  • Go to a bonfire. We love a good bonfire and firework display so we need to try to find one that isn’t on too late for the kids.
  • Finish Christmas shopping. I like to be as organised as possible and Charlie’s birthday is in December plus we are going away so I want it all out of the way so I can relax.
  • Finalise Christmas day/Boxing Day plans. I like to be able to plan and arrange what we will eat but no one is as eager to finalise stuff as much as I am so I’m hoping I can keep my cool.
  • Start looking at flights. I am hoping flights for our Florida trip next year will be released late November and I am SO excited about booking.
  • Get back to target. These last two weeks I have been really focused non losing weight so I am hoping to be near to target weight so I can relax at Christmas.

Not long now until we are in the full on festive swing, and I simply cannot wait!

B x

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  1. 2nd November 2017 / 2:25 pm

    Hey three outta four isn’t bad! Good luck for this month. 🙂 I’m gutted you’re not gonna be hosting this anymore – I finally got my act together and joined in for the first time!

  2. 4th November 2017 / 7:40 pm

    Well done on the Charity clear out. I managed three bin bags last week just from my wardrobe, need to sort the kids next 😬. I can’t believe how organised you are for Christmas, I always say I’m going to be but it all gets left to the last minute round here. Hope you have a great Birthday. Sorry to hear you’re stopping the linky. I can totally understand why, but it will be missed x