Making Long Journeys Fun

We are heading off to Bluestone in December for some family fun and cannot wait. We have had quite a few breaks away this year which included my successful trip up to Blackpool alone with the kids at Easter time and we also travelled to Anglesey in the summer. I absolutely love going on holiday, but living in Shropshire means that to get to the coast is a pretty hefty car journey to get anywhere.

I refuse to let long journeys deter us though and here are my five top tips to make car journeys less stressful.

  • Snacks – the less messy the better. Try to avoid giving them loads and loads of drinks because who wants to have to stop every five minutes?!
  • In-car entertainment – get the tablets and iPad fully charged, along with the portable DVD players and definitely DO NOT FORGET THE HEADPHONES! It is nice to have a bit of quiet time so dishing out the electronics mid journey can offer a touch of harmony and sanity for everyone.
  • Books – Charlie is a complete bookworm and will happily sit and read the whole way there. They are a great way to get the kids reading and are the best for when the electronics run out of battery!
  • Pillows – why would you not want to encourage sleeping?! I like to have my own pillow to snuggle up in the car and if you’re travelling when it’s cold, a bit blanket is also a must.
  • Old School Games – no car journey is complete without a good old fashioned game of I-Spy and the colour car game. These are fun ways to get everyone involved and if you’re playing with four year olds, it usually provides some interesting answers!

Make sure before you head off on a long journey you give your car the once over, whether that be checking the oil level to the tyres. If it’s summer make sure you have your air con filled up or in winter, that your battery isn’t going to conk out on you; can help you check all of these things if you pop into your nearest branch.

B xx

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