A Halloween Party On A Budget

I can’t believe how Halloween has crept up on us! This weekend will all be about carving our pumpkins and we can now have an extra spooky party thanks to the lovely folk at Wilko. They gave me a budget of £30 to make our house Halloween ready and I was amazed at how much we got for just £30 from the Wilko Halloween section.

No Halloween is complete without a ceramic Pumpkin which cost £5 (they have various sizes and colours too). It came in a box passed with polystyrene and is a great centrepiece. I also fell in love with the pumpkin lanterns which were £7. I think on Halloween itself we will hang these around the front door to ensure all trick or treaters know they are welcome at our house. They also come with batteries which is always a bonus in my book! These two will definitely be added to the festive Halloween box for next year as these are keepers.

With regards to decorating itself, we love the spiders in webs; they make a great easy to hang decorations so chose them in black and orange. The spiders look super scary and at £1 each they’re a great way to add instant Halloween fun. The bloody hand print (£1) casts a spooky shadow when people knock our door and we can use the trick or treat bowl (£1.50) to offer up some goodies to our visitors.

I thought we could throw a mini party so got an 8 pack of cups, an 8 pack of plates and 16 napkins all which can be put on an orange plastic tablecloth. Each of these cost just £1 each and instantly theme the party. They are all aimed more at children but there are adult versions if you’re looking.

We pinned up our spooky silhouettes (£2 for 2) and our ghostly doorway curtain (£3) Providing we don’t get heavy wind and rain, this too will accompany our terracotta pumpkin and lanterns outside the front door. We will be using the LED mini lights to reduce the fire risk as kids can often get over excited so safety is paramount and I don’t like to have naked flames when children are wearing costumes. These LED tealights cost just 50p at Wilkos and we will be popping them inside our pumpkins.

I love how easy it is to decorate the house and theme a party is all for a small budget. The more expensive items (gold pumpkin and light lanterns) will be able to be used in years to come too, along with the trick or treat large bowl so while they are a bit more expensive, they are for me more of an investment.

I can’t wait for the night itself. The kids will be using their loot bags £1 each) to collect some treats as we often go out with friends for an hour. Wilkos has a huge Halloween range with prices starting from just 10p! They also do a great range of costumes for both kids and adults. Happy Halloween all!

B x

Disclosure – we were sent these products for the purpose of this review. All words, images and opinions are completely my own

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