Five Problems Your Twins May Face At School

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my girls started school. We have settled into a routine now and have been so lucky that they’ve taken to school really well, despite a little wobble on the first day. Sending your child off to school is a big thing for any parent, but sending multiples has it’s positives and negatives. Of course, they always have each other for moral support so it doesn’t feel like such a scary thing, however I’ve found other problems that your twins may face at school that you didn’t realise would be SUCH a problem!

  1. No one can tell them apart. Of course, my girls are identical twins so we have the added dimension that actually yes, they are going to be really hard to tell apart. Saying that, they do look really quite different and children they’ve known for years still all them the wrong name. I have tried to step back and stop correcting them and let the girls do it themselves but so far it isn’t a huge thing. I do worry in the future it will be and constantly having to correct someone as to what your name is probably would pee you off!
  2. To separate or keep them together? I agonised over this decision as our school gives you the option to keep your twins together or separate. A lot of others schools only have one reception class or others have a strict policy of separating. I am glad we had the choice, despite struggling at times, as I felt more in control and included in my daughters schooling options. After a wobble on the first day, which saw one get upset; seeing her sister swoop in and take her hand and wipe her tears I knew instantly that I’d made the right choice.
  3. Invites to friends houses. This is a tricky one because I am keen for them to form their own friendship groups, which I have never voiced to them. They naturally seem to be separating and making their own group of friends whilst still happily playing together. I can see the whole going to peoples houses to play being quite a problem. You see, most people would not want to take two extra children home with them for a play date. In the same vain, if only one is invited I am going to be left with another left out daughter who will feel rejected! This one is going to be the biggest problem of all, trying to strike the right balance. I just hope it doesn’t lead to them never being invited anywhere for fear of people upsetting them.
  4. Competition. Academically the girls are VERY different. I have one who is incredibly into drawing and colouring whereas her sister simply cannot be arsed. I can already see glimmers of a competitive nature, usually over silly things. They now tell people that “she’s older, but I’m taller” giving a sense of having to be the best at something. I think this can be said for most siblings but it’s amplified with twins.
  5. Double EVERYTHING. WE were given reading books last week and it has dawned on me how much there is to do. They have different books but to be able to read purely one to one is almost impossible, as the others always wants to join in. Homework aside, I have gone from making one packed lunch to three and have to remember various PE and forest school days. I have started family learning and I have to write out two of everything and help with two sets of tasks.

Sometimes I wish I had a twin to help me out!

B xx

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