Half Term, Atypical and Feeling Sad #LittleLoves

We have finally made it to Friday and today the kids will break up for half term and we are all just so ready for it especially my girlies who have survived their first half term at school. I am struggling with the dark mornings so a week off will do us all good.

I read a post my friend Louise had written about Seasonal Affective Disorder that made me think about my own moods and I ended up writing a post wondering if am suffering from a touch of S.A.D. I really have been feeling down this last week and I’m not sure why. I had a huge gain at Slimming World plus my husband was at home all last week which is unheard of so it has been a bit rubbish him now being here this week at all. I am really looking forward to him coming home this weekend.


It was the Liar finale and after a somewhat far-fetched week five, I wasn’t really bothered about the final. However, I have to say it did redeem itself and the ending has paved the way for series two so I definitely came back to it and it won me round.
I have been watching Atypical on Netflix. I actually watched the first episode a while back but with full remote control, I have been ploughing through it and really enjoying it.

I also highly recommend watching Overshadowed which is available on the BBC iPlayer. There are eight ten minute episodes which follows a young girl who is vlogging her life. I won’t tell you what she is being overshadowed by but I was hooked and watched them all in one sitting as I found it so incredibly powerful.

My friend Cat at Pushing The Moon is busy compiling a Halloween Spotify post which I am super excited about. I love getting into the Halloween mood and can’t wait to get some spooky tunes on the go.

It felt an incredibly sad week learning that fellow blogger Becky had lost her husband last week. I don’t know Becky very well at all but she’s someone who I follow and her beautiful writing always brings a tear to my eye. It is always so hard trying to convey feelings via the internet, especially to someone you don’t even really know. Her story has absolutely broken my heart and I am so glad they got to do so much utterly wonderful stuff together as a family and I hope in the dark days, that will help ease the pain a tiny fragment.

The kids were kindly sent some awesome Halloween costumes from Peacocks so they have been loving dressing up. Charlie’s werewolf is flipping ace! We love Halloween and the kids usually go trick or treating round the nearby housing estate that has loads of young families and some REALLY go to town. Last year one house had music playing along with spotlights, creepy decs and everyone inside was dressed up. It’s great fun and we really enjoy getting into the spooky spirit.

I have been rocking my New Look Chelsea boots all week as the weather has been utterly dreadful here. As I type it’s lashing down outside so I am glad of my new North Face coat I got a few weeks ago to keep me warm and dry and most importantly – it has a hood! No more drowned rat hair like with my last jacket.

We are off to pick our pumpkins on Sunday so we will be making some super spooky creations I hope. If you are looking for inspiration here are 30 pumpkin carving ideas and also some no carve pumpkin ideas.

I also took the plunge after much deliberating and booked Charlie’s party for December. He will be going to a lazerquest type place with some of his friends. He hasn’t had a proper party since he was 5 so I know he will really enjoy it. His birthday falls at the weekend too so even more excitement. With his birthday so close to Christmas, I’ve been busy making plans with my sister when we will go shopping so we will hopefully get the bulk of it done in a few weeks when we have our annual trip; expect much arguing!

We are off to Disney on Ice tomorrow and pumpkin picking on Sunday which we are all super excited about. The rest of the week I haven’t made any plans as I want the kids to have some down time after a busy few months. I think weather dependent we may have a few simple days out but not too much as I want them to relax.

I also want to wish my wonderful buddy Stevie at A Cornish Mum a fantastic time in Orlando next week which she is reviewing. She has been such a brilliant friend to me and I couldn’t think of a more deserving family to go on this trip of a lifetime.

B xx

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  1. 25th October 2017 / 12:53 pm

    I loved Atypical and can’t wait for more.
    Hope you had a good weekend pumpkin picking and watching Disney on Ice xx