Stone To Lose – Weigh In Week One

I wrote last week about how the summer holidays left an impact on my waistline. I gained a stone which I need to lose to get back at my target weight. I posted on Instagram and Facebook and just have to say thank you so much for all the amazing support and lovely words. I really do have some lovely readers. So, my weight loss mission; I started off with really good intentions, however last Tuesday was the girls first day at school and after a few tears, we decided to head off to the shops – and of course I had a large dinner out.

Wednesday and Thursday I was really good plus I went back to the gym for the first time since the start of July. It flipping hurt too! But then the weekend curse struck and I had a binge on Friday night when my husband went out. I don’t know why when the weekend hits I get the munchies but I demolished way too many brownies and bags of crisps.

Saturday and Sunday too were a complete write off too as we headed for a carvery after a somewhat disappointing day at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. I did pull it back on Monday and went back to the gym. I decided to do something I haven’t ever done before – I weighed myself on different scales. I was amazed to see it said I had lost 2 pounds so was feeling good. This spurred me on to be extra good for the next 24 hours prior to weigh in.

Well, week one results are in:

I lost 3.5lbs!!

Don’t ask me how or why, I have no idea after such a naughty week. saying that, I find that exercising massively helps speed up my weight loss. I always have huge gains but can also have big losses too. I am feeling good being back under the next stone bracket and that has really helped my attitude. My husband is away for the next 10 days so I tend to be more strict when he’s not around and wafting temptation under my nose!

I am off to London and then Manchester next week for bloggy things so I must try to be as good as I can. Ideally I’d love to be back at target for my birthday which is 11th November. Reckon I can do it? Fingers crossed.

B xx

Weight before – 11 stone 3lbs
Weight after week 1: 10 stone 13.5lb
Target weight: 10 stone 3lbs
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  1. 12th September 2017 / 7:52 pm

    I stood on the scales today and had lost 2lbs – not quite sure that came from as I’m not sure I necessarily had a good week but hey ho let’s try and go into this week and be focused! I keep faffing and need to have someone kick me in the butt to stay focused. This can’t be Chris because he just makes me cross and it comes across too personal sometimes.