Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

I am a huge fan of Halloween let it be known! I know it’s a marmite day but I definitely fall into the love Halloween camp. We all absolutely love getting dressed up in Halloween costumes and always go trick or treating with a big gang of friends The kids absolutely love finding their Halloween costumes and love dressing up (as do I) Last year we all had really easy costumes and had lots of fun transforming.

kids halloween costumes

The girls had £3.99 witch costumes from Aldi (teamed with some H&M skull tights I got in the sale for about £1 the previous year) I dressed all in black with leopard shoes and a leopard headband and bow tie that I got for about £2.99 from our local market. I then sprayed my ginger hair black and backcombed it within an inch of it’s life with give it some volume. Charlie was the coolest of us all; at 7 years of age he wanted to be Michael Jackson from the Thriller video. We again sprayed his hair and had some green face paint on to try to look like MJ – I thought he looked flipping ace!

In previous years, we have just put the girls in a black dress they had for everyday along with some Halloween-esque tights. These were from Slugs and Snails and I absolutely loved them. I was so gutted when they didn’t fit anymore. We also got a hat super cheap so whilst i’s not strictly a costume, she still is fitting the bill.

kids halloween costumes

Halloween facepaint for kids can make a huge difference to an outfit as we found out when Charlie went as a vampire. I am not by any means a professional but we had lots of fun trying out different looks. What do you think? The missing teeth definitely helped be even spookier!

kids halloween costumes

I know with three kids, buying costumes can sometimes work out quite expensive so I have compiled a simple DIY Halloween fancy dress costumes for kids guide with the help of some lovely bloggers, to help you make your kids look super scary with minimal fuss/money.

If you have a baby or toddler, why not take a leaf out of Ready, Freddie Go’s book and make baby into a Pubert from the Addams family so that they don’t miss out on the fun. How cute does he look?! The likeness is uncanny isn’t it!

kids halloween costumesA toddler can easily be transformed into a mini-Mummy with a white t-shirt and light trousers underneath and then if you raid the medicine box and grab all the bandages you can. I’m super toilet roll would also have the same effect!

kids halloween costumes

If you aren’t wanting a super scary costume, Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too has an excellent post that gives step by step instructions to create your own Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the brilliant Dr. Seuss. With twins, I feel that this HAS to be done at some point in their lives!

kids halloween costumes

Amy from Eps and Amy transformed her two into a scary Hunchback of Notre Dam along with a vampire Bride. She tells you how to do it here in her Halloween kids outfits post.

kids halloween costumes

Finally AK from The German Wife made these epic Ghostbuster costumes for under £25 for them both which given how expensive one costume is, is really good and they looks BRILLIANT! What a clever idea and these look better than any I’ve ever seen for sale.

kids halloween costumes
We are already brainstorming what we can dress up as this year and Charlie has come out with a few cracking ideas. It’s not long away so hope this has helped give you some Halloween inspiration!

B xx

Thanks to all the bloggers who kindly let me use their images. I have included links to all their original posts showing you how to make these, if you want to find out how to do them.
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