Monthly Bucket List – October

The nights are drawing in, my hand is hovering over the central heating and all around us is turning orange and brown; it can mean only one thing – October is upon us. I love October as you know where you stand. September can tease us in the hope of an Indian Summer which definitely did NOT materialise. With October, you know the clocks are going back and it’s going to be cold and dark but the prospect of Halloween is always something we look forward to here.
I’ll hold my hands up and say September has been a funny one and as you’ll see, I didn’t get much done (including commenting – apologies if I didn’t get round to you. I suck. )

  • Rejoin Slimming World. DONE. I have started doing weekly posts about my journey and it’s been a mixed bag to say the least. I have to say though, it’s been hard to stick to plan as I’ve had lots going on so I am trying and that’s all I can hope!
  • Start exercise classes. FAIL. I was all set for it, until I saw all these fit midriff baring teenagers going into the classes and it’s instantly put me off. I think if I had someone to go with I may be more inclined, but as it stands I am happy to stick to solo gym-ing.
  • Read more. FAIL. I have become a TV addict and every time I take the kids to the library I always say I’ll pick myself up a book and never do.
  • Organise the house. HALF DONE. I had a huge blitz last week, not that you’d ever know now but I’ve been poorly and let things pile up. I will try again next week. I really need to sort out the toys.
  • Enjoy Blog On. DONE. It was really good fun and I got to finally meet my buddy Stevie (and can confirm we are crap at selfies!)

So onto October. I have gotten used to the kids being at school but by the end of the month they’ll be off for a week, so lets make some plans!

  • Book an eye test. Boring yes but I genuinely cannot remember the last time I went and I am pretty certain I need glasses so I can’t put it off any longer. Someone remind me – please!
  • Charity shop clear out. I want to try to clear some space slowly in the girls room for incoming Christmas stuff so throwing a few toys away at a time is the best way without meltdowns as I cart four binbags away infront of their eyes!
  • Arrange my birthday. I have talked about doing something for my birthday so I need to actually BOOK something before it’s too late.
  • Go pumpkin picking. We haven’t been pumpkin picking for the past couple of years but I think we need to find a local farm and go pick one for ourselves.
  • Sort Halloween costumes. We always take the kids trick or treating with a big gang of friends and the kids have so much fun. I know over the years Halloween has become less and less popular/acceptable but we enjoy it. We only knock at houses that are quite blatantly into the Halloween spirit and some of the houses on the estate we go to REALLY go to town with huge decorations, spooky music and dressing up. It’s all good fun.

If you are planning on having a spooky Halloween – then enjoy! I’ve got a fabulous post all about no-carve pumpkins here incase you need some inspiration!

B xx

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  1. 13th October 2017 / 5:23 am

    I can’t believe the kids are almost off school again, it doesn’t seem right somehow, surely they only just went back?! You’ve reminded me I really need to go buy the kids some costumes, we always leave it till the last minute and end up with zero choice. Have a great month, and a great Halloween x