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The summer holidays have been filled with lots of fun, but at the back of my mind I like to ensure that the girls didn’t forget everything they had learned during their year at nursery. When Charlie was at nursery it was all about playing. He started school not really knowing how to write his name but this was the way it was at the nursery then. Fast forward four years and it’s been a very different experience. The girls had books and flashcards as homework and as a result can write and are starting to sound out words and can easily recognise numbers, shapes and high frequency words. After such a great start I didn’t want them to start school on a blank, so I was really excited to be given access to Reading Eggs for the girls to try out which we have been doing this summer.

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With August being much of a wash out with poor weather, we have been indoors quite a bit. The iPad is always a good shout when it’s soggy outside so we have been using the Reading Eggs app on the iPad. There are three different levels to Reading Eggs; Reading Eggs Junior (ages 2-4), Reading Eggs (ages 3-7) and Reading Express (age 7 – 13).  The ages are just a guideline and the child does an “initial assessment” which will assess and place them onto the right lessons for the current reading level. If you have more than one child, you can set up separate profiles so they each have their own individual record. .

We have tried various different educational toys before and I was absolutely thrilled when Reading Eggs not only uses phonics, which they are learning, but it also talks in an English accent! There is nothing more frustrating when you are encouraging your children to learn to read and write as an estenxion of their school education, only for them to hear about zee-bras and how they need to take out the trash! My girls are both like their big brother and really enjoy reading. They are also confident with their alphabet but when it come to blending sounds they need some work. Reading Eggs has been brilliant as it’s so much more than one dimensional education tools that seem to be available online.

It gives the child lots of different options including reading books, games, spellings, songs as well as the learning activities. There really are so many different areas to explore on the site that they won’t bore quickly of looking at the same couple of options, which I know what my four year olds attention span can be like!

Once registered and using Reading Eggs, you get handy email updates to your linked email address (which you used to sign up) when your child completes a stage. This email gives you an overview of what they have been learning about and on their progress. You can also track their recent activity on the My Programme tab, which shows their overall achievements along with a more detailed progress report.  If your child’s school uses Reading Eggs then you can share this information with them.

Reading Eggs also gives tips for learning at home, along with bonus material that an be found on the parent dashboard. This enables you to print off worksheets which reinforces what they have been learning. I used these worksheets a few times on holiday when we have gone out for meals to keep them amused; it’s always nice to know that they are really learning and also backing up what they have learned on the computer.

Reading Eggs is a fun, bright interactive tool to get kids learning and helping them to read. I know in the past I have been reluctant to let the kids play on our phones and tablets, but I now realise after having Charlie at school that this is how kids today need to learn. They are an important part of their learning, along with books and writing.

With my girls starting school today, I am really excited that we can extend their learning in a fun way that I can help them with. It enables them to work at their own pace and never feels like you are forcing them; it’s like they are learning without even realising, instead seeing it as a treat to be playing on the iPad.

If you want to try out Reading Eggs with your child, you can sign up for an amazing free five week trial by clicking my link here. You can also find sample lessons on the Reading Eggs website to have a try before you buy. It is rare that you are given such a lengthy trial period and also able to try out before paying a penny. Most apps sting your from day 1 so it’s a really user friendly site that really works. Reading Eggs is available on a laptop, desktop and tablets. Please note they are certain tablets that it is compatible with (you can see which ones here: https://readingeggs.co.uk/about/ipad-android/

B xx

Disclosure – we were given a free trial to test out Reading Eggs. All words, opinions and images are my own
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  1. 5th September 2017 / 2:17 pm

    Heard abut it lately and just sign up to a free trial. This is a really good app.

  2. Sidrah Ahmed
    6th September 2017 / 4:33 am

    My children would love to try this app out it looks like a lot of fun and educational

  3. 6th September 2017 / 9:47 am

    My children loved this when they were younger! I didn’t realise there was a Reading Eggs Express for the older readers though or that there were printables. I think we are going to have to take a look at Reading Eggs again. Thank you for the information.

  4. Fatima
    7th September 2017 / 2:20 pm

    Sounds like something interesting for kids to enjoy and learn. What age would you recommend children to start writing?

    Fatima | http://www.blogsbyfa.com