Shropshire Rocks – The Summer Craze

Last summer you probably spotted groups of kids and parents roaming the streets everywhere trying to find and catch Pokémon; this summer it’s gone back to basics and here in Shropshire there’s a new craze – Shropshire Rocks, in the literal sense.

shropshire rocks

What is Shropshire Rocks?

It started by a lady called Rachel in July and was inspired by the Whidbey Island Facebook Community, where you decorate a rock and hide it in various locations for someone to find. Someone will then find the rock and (hopefully) take and share a photo to the Facebook group. Afterwards, they re-hide it so someone else can do the same. Such simple fun!

I spotted various family and friends sharing photos on their Facebook pages and decided to join the main Facebook group which currently has over 17.5k members! I then realised how huge this ace activity had gone, but not only that what a brilliant idea it is. If you think about it, it is SO simple yet gets kids being creative and crafty whilst getting them out and about. Best of all? It’s an incredibly cheap fun day out for all the family.

shropshire rocks

How can I get involved in Shropshire Rocks?

All you need to do is find a little rock of stone and decorate it however you want. There are some incredibly detailed rocks but we just did simple squiggles on ours. Some are painted, some are just drawn on with sharpies. It seems the general consensus that coating them in varnish or clear nail varnish is the best way to prolong them not to mention making them look super funky. You can post your finding/creations on the Shropshire Rocks Facebook page.

We went out with my friend and her boys and we were soon all hunting and getting incredibly excited when we found one. We managed to find six on our little walk and it gave us the bug to come home and do our own. It’s probably the only time I will ever be grateful that we have a gravelled drive so have access to stones!

shropshire rocks

I am hoping the weather stays nice for the last few weeks of the holidays so we can get out more hunting and hiding. Some of the rocks have been travelling far and wide – some even took them to America! I love that these Shropshire rocks will be found for weeks, months and even years all over the country and world. It is such a brilliant concept and I think all local communities should try to do the same as it’s a great way to get kids off their tablets and doing what they do best – being kids having fun!

B xx

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