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As you know, I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team this year. As you read this, I will be on my holidays so I have asked my best buddy Emma from Ready Freddie Go to share her five Netflix faves. So grab a cuppa and check out what she’s been loving lately. Over to Emma;

There is nothing more completely mind numbing than being stuck in hospital. I am in a side room and yes that comes with it’s bonuses, such as my own window, but honestly counting the ceiling tiles becomes quite wearing after say, five minutes.

I have been in hospital for twelve days now and there is one glimmer of hope in my life. Free Wi-Fi. Which means Netflix.

I have got four go-to programmes which are my boredom busters and make staying in here tolerable…

Louis Theroux
I love Louis, not only for his glasses, nerdy sexiness (I know), aloof character and his parka, but for his eclectic documentary topics he ventures into. My favourites are When Louis met…Paul and Debbie and Louis and the most hated family in America.

Stranger Things
If ever there was a series made for me, it’s this. Perfect 80’s nostalgia with hints of E.T, The Goonies and Star Wars to name a few, Stranger Things is a sci-fi horror, based in the fictional town of Hawkins. It’s follows a group of boys and their new friendship with an odd girl called Eleven (El) who just happens to be psychokinetic and connected to some very creepy happenings, as well as the disappearance of Will, one of the gang. The soundtrack gives me goosebumps…and Steve. I love Steve and his hair. Series two starts in October and I cannot WAIT to get back to the Upside Down…

The Office
This will always be my favourite. David Brent and his “entertaining” antics as boss of Wernham Hogg paper merchants make this awkward British comedy so unique and relatable that it’s hard not to pick a character out to remind you of someone you know. I have watched it so many times and I still cringe at some of the scenes.

RuPauls Drag race
This is my ultimate trashy but can’t stop watching series. It’s sort of Britain’s Got Talent meets Americas next top model but with drag queens. It makes me want to learn how to sew, contour and wear the most fabulously outrageous wigs. I am totally hooked and Ru is just fab-a-lus. Gentlemen, start your engines…and let the best woman win! HALLELU

Gavin & Stacey
Completely ageless, I can watch this over and over and still crease at some of the dialogue. I can remember watching this at my husbands house when it first came out and literally the whole family watched and laughed. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like it! My favourite line has to be Ness, when on being told she looks good her answer is “I know. I feels it”. Anyone order a Chinese?

These five gems get me through the day and make for some marathon binge watching sessions.

I am so with you Emma on The Office, I could watch it forever! You can find Emma here on Facebook.

B xx

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  1. Margaret gallagher
    16th August 2017 / 8:17 pm

    Still haven’t got Netflix

    Love watching at my nieces when I babysit
    I’ll have to invest for winter evenings

  2. 20th August 2017 / 8:50 am

    Our favourite is Shadow Hunters. Always full of action. Stranger things was awesome too