Back To School With Nutmeg

With just over a week until the kids go back to school, it’s time to get organised and sort out the kids uniforms. They’ve done all their growing so I am sure this week the shops will be overflowing with parents buying uniform for the kids to go back to school in as September creeps up on us. This year is a first for us, my little girls are starting school and we have been lucky to be sent some uniform from Nutmeg to try out.

The Nutmeg school uniform is from the popular supermarket Morrisons. I have to admit that we have never tried their uniform before, but with my uniform bill tripling this year sending three to school opposed to just one, I am more than willing to shop around and try out girls uniform as I’ve never had to buy skirts and dresses before.

We were sent polo tops, pinafores for the girls, trousers for Charlie and PE kits for all three of them. First impressions were that I was impressed by how soft it all felt. The girls can have somewhat temperamental skin so I always worry when trying out new clothes that it may irritate but the tops were very soft on their delicate skin.

I love that the polo tops are able to go in the tumble drier as with the winter months approaching, it can be hard to get stuff dry. Charlie has some long grey trousers with pockets. They have an adjustable waits as we often struggle. finding trousers fore him as h is very tall yet so skinny. The adjustable waits enables us to take them in leaving enough length so he’s not got his ankles on show.

The girls polo tops have a cute scallop neck which add a quirky little detail to their uniform. Thew pinafore also has a cute little butterfly motif on the pocket and the zip is also a butterfly. It’s little touches like this that make their uniform seem more fun to wear. The polo tops feel really soft and brilliant quality. We bought Charlie some last year that after a few washes went really stiff and hard meaning they were uncomfortable to wear.

The range is available for kids aged 4-13 and comes with an amazing 200 day guarantee, covering all rips and spills at the lunch table. It gives you huge confidence that the uniform you are buying is going to survive the wear and tear of the school playground. It is the longest guarantee of all the leading supermarkets and applies to all of their clothing, not just school uniform. Items from the school uniform range start at just £2 which as a parent of three school aged kids, is music to my ears. They have a variety of items including summer school dresses, boys shorts and sweatshirts. They also stock lunchboxes, stationery, socks and tights to get all kitted out.

The PE kit is a plain top and the boys shorts football shorts came in a pack of two as did the girls cycling shorts. They fit really well and didn’t stretch out of shape when washed and dried which they often can do.

I like to see school uniform as an investment. I like to know that despite the low price, it is going to last and with the 200 day guarantee that sold the Nutmeg range to me. It obviously can withstand some serious wear and tear to be confident enough to give it a 200 day guarantee. For me, it’s a no brainer. They are all going to look super smart next week; me on the other hand may need to invest in some waterproof mascara!
B xx

Disclaimer – we were sent the inform photographed above for the purpose of their review. All words opinions and images (of my grumpy daughters!) are all my own

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  1. Sidrah Ahmed
    2nd September 2017 / 8:34 pm

    These clothing look good quality and my kids have all got new school wear

  2. Naila
    8th September 2017 / 1:51 pm

    They have a great range of school clothing 🙂