The Money Saving Diary Challenge

As you may recall, we recently booked our family holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida for 2018. As a family of five, it is going to cost a fair whack so we have decided for the first time since planning our wedding, that we are going to start saving. The lovely folk from Scottish Friendly asked if I wanted to take on the Money Saving Diary Challenge in a bid to find ways to cut costs and save money, meaning that our Disney fund is growing nicely. With this in mind, I tracked my outgoings over a week and tried to cut costs as and where possible, and here is how I got on.

Our weekly shop usually comes to around £85-£90 depending if we need to buy any bigger things such as toilet roll, washing powder etc. Our usual go to shop is usually Sainsbury’s, however I decided to try Aldi which is only a mile down the road. We often shop at Aldi but as Sainsbury’s is not far from the school, I often pop over after dropping the girls at nursery. Instead, I coupled our Aldi trip with a much needed trip to the tip as Aldi is on the way. I stocked up at Aldi and came back with a full to the brim trolley not to mention dishwasher tablets, toilet and kitchen rolls and washing powder. The total came in at £71.22 meaning we saved almost £20 opposed to going to Sainsbury’s. I took my own carrier bags too saving an extra few pence – it all adds up!

I attend Slimming World and am currently a target member, meaning I am at my goal weight. You can go 3lbs under or over your target and you still qualify for free membership. I have been really good and only put on half a pound meaning I am still within target range, meaning I saved myself £4.95 admission fee.

Today my babies turn four! We decided to use the voucher we won for our local soft play as their birthday treat, meaning we saved just under £10 entrance fee. They didn’t go to nursery today so we decided to go out for lunch to celebrate which we wouldn’t normally do. However, we went to a chain pub and the girls had a three course meal deal with a drink for £5.95 and my husband and I ordered off the two for £10 menu and as it was lunch time, just had soft drinks so despite an extra treat, we still were watching the pennies.

I have decided to list a few of my old items of clothing on eBay. Most have tags still attached and already there are quite a few watchers and bidder so I am hoping to make around £40 from these when they close next week. I also need to clean up our double buggy and sell this on along with an unused booster high chair seat. I think there are lots of other old baby items I could sell on. I need to find the time to hunt them out and list them all on local selling pages for collection only.

I realised we had run out of mince so couldn’t have the spaghetti bolognaise the girls had been pestering for. I dropped into Sainsbury’s to pick some up and saw the lucrative yellow sticker which always gets me excited. I managed to get it with over a third off; it should have been £5 and I got it for £2.99 meaning a saving of £2.01 – I was very pleased with this bargain!

I took part in a charity 5k Colour Run with Charlie for our local hospice which was a great morning out. My husband and the girls came along to support us, meaning we all had a really fun morning. We then went back to our friends house for a BBQ which they very kindly refused to let us take any food along to so again, we had a fun filled day and afternoon at no expense.

We visited Chester Zoo last week for a blog review, meaning we had complimentary entrance. We decided to take a picnic along with us so that we didn’t have to buy five main meals when there. Looking at the prices, this probably saved us the best part of £40 on food and drinks.

B xx

Disclosure: this post was written in collaboration with Scottish Finance

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  1. sarah m
    25th July 2017 / 4:59 pm

    I always look in the reduced section is supermarkets! Usually find some really good bargains!

  2. Ashleigh Allan
    19th August 2017 / 9:26 am

    Great tips for saving money. Well done on ststijg within target weight