MOKURU – Fab or Fad?

It seems that every few months there are new crazes that capture our kids attentions. With fidget spinners dying down, step forward  MOKURU. This is the latest craze coming from Japan. It is a small handheld wooden toy which designed to is test out the dexterity of fast fingered flippers everywhere.


MOKURU is small enough to stick in your pocket and provide fun wherever you go. So how does it work? I have to admit when it arrived, I was a tad flummoxed as it looked like a stick. I had no idea how to use it, but I checked out the YouTube video for some ideas. You will need a flat surface and simply tip over the toy, let it flip and catch it with their fingers or when you’re getting really good, flip it to draw a square or triangle. It does take a bit of getting used to so it doesn’t just fly across the room.


As with most popular gadgets and gizmos, there are lots of fakes. MOKURU is the real one which has been designed and engineered to ensure perfect balance and is made from good quality materials, so be careful to choose the right one.

In all honesty, in our house it didn’t go down too well. Charlie tried and managed about 5 flips but it didn’t hold his attention for as long as other toys have done in the past. He quickly got bored but I think that this may be down to their being carpet in his room so it didn’t tumble very well.  I think it could become quite addictive especially if you have more than one where you could compete with each other. I think when my husband is home, we may have to see who can win as we do like a spot of competition.


MOKURU is available from Smyths Toys and Amazon from 7th July 2018. They are available in green (Matcha), orange, (Kirin) white (Byakko), red (Suzaku), blue (Seiryu) and yellow (Inazuma) You can find out more about MOKURU and get some tips and hints on their Facebook page:  and watch their YouTube video below

B xx
Disclosure – we were sent the MOKURU for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own

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  1. Tee simpson
    9th July 2017 / 9:41 pm

    Not seen these before im sure they will be a fad