6 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Getaway

When it comes to planning a family holiday, there’s a lot you need to take into consideration. Will there be enough to keep the children entertained at the hotel? What sort of activities can we look forward to during the day? Will we be able to afford to eat out every night? I can’t answer every question you have about booking a family holiday, but can help with the finances. Below, I’ve rounded up six ways to save money on your next family getaway this year.

Ways to save money

  1. Go all inclusive

Although all inclusive deals are usually more expensive than self-catering, such holidays can save you a small fortune when you get there. You only need to add up the number of times your kids ask for drinks, snacks and ice creams, and the cost of alcohol in some tourist destinations, and you’ll soon see why all inclusive is the preferred choice for millions of holidaymakers around the world.

  1. Go off-peak

Booking a break during the summer holidays can be significantly more expensive than off-peak, and even though parent groups have campaigned to cut prices, travel companies still win during the summer. They argue that, because there’s more demand for holidays, they’re entitled to put up their prices, so we recommend booking your break during quieter periods of the year, like May, June, September and October. You’ll still enjoy the sun, and you’ll save hundreds of pounds, too!

  1. Use a price comparison website

Search for holidays using a price comparison website such as Travezi, and you can cut hundreds of pounds off of the cost of your holiday. With thousands of hotels and flights to compare in some of the most popular city breaks and summer destinations, it makes sense to check before you book.

Ways to save money

  1. Take your own

Although some airlines put restrictions on luggage, you should still be able to fit in all of the essentials – so make sure that you do. Some travellers recommend leaving toiletries and clothes at home and buying everything you need when you get there, but this can actually be more expensive. Make sure that you pack plenty of sun cream, shower gel and toothpaste, and leave the leftovers in your hotel to save money on excess baggage charges and to give you space for your souvenirs.

  1. Weigh it

Before you head to the airport, invest in a luggage weighing device and check that your cases come under the allocated weight. Airlines can really catch you out if you’re not careful, so it pays to check.

  1. Bring a bottle

Although you can’t bring fluids through airport security, you can bring water bottles – which you can then refill when you get into the terminal. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis told Good Morning Britain that, if you take an empty bottle into the departure lounge, you’ll be able to ask for it to be refilled for free – saving you a fortune in expensive departure lounge and in-flight drinks.

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