10 Signs the School Holidays are Coming

As my daughters loving ran in before 5am to wake me up, I chanted to myself – two more Mondays left. Yes, the school year is coming to a close and it’s with mixed emotions we parents stare down the barrel of the 6 week long holiday. As you drag yourself to the school gate, everywhere there are signs that the school holidays well and truly are coming.

    1. Their school uniform is grubby/too small/faded. With just two weeks left, that white top that is now becoming a crop top and is a fetching shade of grey will just have to do. Who in their right mind is going to crack open a pristine white polo top for two weeks? Stick it on a hot wash (again) and hope the teachers don’t notice.
    2. They are starting to get incredibly hyper. The buzz of end of school is starting to gain momentum especially with the older ones who have clocked on that there’s not long left. They start getting wilder and wilder come 3.15pm. It is only going to intensify – be warned.
    3. Homework is tailing off. Lets be fair, the teachers too are on wind down too so the number of spellings seem to be dropping along with the illusive homework book. Wordsearch anyone?!
    4. There is something going on every day. Sports Days, end of terms discos, bake sales, open evenings, lost property viewings, new class days, meeting new teachers, reports and reply slips. You need to be ON IT. Dig the diary out as you can’t be that parent who forgets it’s a non uniform cake sale day can you?
    5. Parents are starting to get twitchy. You may find yourself desperately approaching parents trying to arrange holiday play dates to save your sanity as August creeps ever closer. You pray none of your kids best mates go away for over a fortnight as that’ll be the longest time OF YOUR LIFE.
    6. The brown named envelope of doom arrives. You all await new classes and teachers with baited breath. Will they be with their friends? Will they get the nice teacher or the not so great one that they will definitely sulk about for three days? It’s by far the most nerve wracking day in the school calendar.
    7. You find yourself not doing anything at the weekend. You don’t want to play your ace cards of days out ahead of six very long weeks, so that trip to the park can wait until they;’ve finished and don’t even think about going to the cinema yet – you can make a whole day of that come August.
    8. They start bringing home loads and LOADS of tat work. Prepare for an onslaught of random paintings, cardboard mounted poems not to mention a random cap and stinking water bottle that has been festering in their drawer since Christmas, which you totally had forgotten existed.
    9. Everyone is shattered. Hot, tired, grumpy children are rife towards the end of July. A combination of too much excitement and hot weather equals grotty tempered kids and parents. Hold tight, those long lazy mornings are a mere fortnight away.
    10. Sales in wine increase. Stock up incase of a parent of kids are on school holiday induced shortage, it will happen. Did you not realise how long SIX WEEKS goes by? Take action. Failure to prepare – then prepare to fail!

Good luck Parent everywhere. The end is nigh but we can do this. And before you know it, they’ll be back at school and we’ll be thinking about Christmas…!

B xx

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  1. 10th July 2017 / 9:06 am

    Ahh! We are ready for the summer holidays…
    My teen has holes in her school shoes but I refuse to buy any so close to the end of term. lol