Now You Are Four

I read back the post I wrote when my girls turned three, so I felt it was fitting to write one this year. Girls, on your fourth birthday I can’t believe we are here. Now you are four, life is about to crank up a notch.

This past year, dare I say, has been easier. Being twins has really come into its own and you absolutely love playing together. Aided by the confidence you’ve picked up after nine months at nursery, you have strengthened your bond and become best buddies. This is not to say that you have isolated yourselves. In fact it’s the completed opposite; you love being together yet are more than happy to split off and play with other kids. You both tell me you have your own best friends and this does not cause any friction.

We have made the biggest decisions to date for you. Not only did we apply for your school place, we were given the choice to separate or keep you together in reception class. So many people have given their opinions on the situation but as your Mommy, I hope I have made the right one. In my gut I know it is and I know it’s not forever and can easily be changed.

I won’t lie, I have been dreading you turning four as I know what being four brings – school. I have been so incredibly lucky to stay at home with you since the day you were born. I never went back to work after opting for redundancy so our little gang has been all we have known for the past four years. We are a few months off this being completely changed, and you are no longer “mine” to decide what we do each day. You are about to be bound by school restrictions and six days away from me in the week. But girls? You are going to love school. You already have proved how well you’re doing at nursery with your writing and reading, I am amazed that you are just turning four with how academic you are. My dearest baby girls. Four years ago, our world was changed beyond belief. The last four years we have made some of the most amazing memories.

P1; you sure know how to throw a tantrum., From refusing to have your hair brushed or tied up, to hating jeans and dresses, to your panda love. You are such a character. Your wry sense of humour shines through and you’ve really perfected your comedy timing. Your Samoa Joe impression with the tights is also a notable highlight! Your relationship with your big brother has flourished this year, and you are thick as thieves. You still look our for your brother and sister and are definitely the more cautious of them all. You like to Mother them in fact! You have a pug obsession to run alongside your love of pandas and the Lion Guard. You are often found playing with your little figures and playing games. You absolutely loved our trips to Disneyland Paris and Butlins and talk about them daily. You are very black and white – you either like someone or you don’t! You know your own mind and won’t be coerced into doing anything you don’t want to. You still give the most amazing cuddles, not to mention kisses on my forehead as I leave you at nursery. My biggest girl.

P2; you have surprised me this year. Notoriously against anything you deemed as “girly” you have changed a lot this year. The dinosaur love is strong, but so is your blooming love of dresses. You are intrigued by Nanny’s jewellery and make up. You are still very confident and happy to play with everyone at nursery. You have fallen in love with babies and are forever wanting to go visit baby Dexter for cuddles. You love a Disney singalong and have become a real Daddy’s girl, always going to him for snuggles. You are happy to play on your own, making up little games and conversations with your figures. You seem the most excited about school and I know you’re going to have a huge group of friends as are happy to float in-between groups. You still love dogs and would love nothing more than a pet one. You still seem so dinky, my baby baby girl.

Happy fourth birthday baby girls. We love you more than you’ll ever know.

B xx

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  1. 7th June 2017 / 7:39 pm

    Aww! Happy birthday to your girls!
    Enjoy the summer….I remember the last summer before my girls started school it went over so quickly!

  2. Margaret gallagher
    16th June 2017 / 5:55 am

    Growing up fast
    Time flies so quickly
    Happy belated birthday