Summer Beauty DISASTERS – Mum Style

With the sky being a gorgeous shade of blue more than it’s grey lately, dare I say that summer is well on the way. Instagram is awash with pretty skies, blossom and yellow rapeseed and it just makes you want to be outside. But is it all fun and games?

Summer Beauty DISASTERS - Mum Style

Summer on social media is incredibly pretty but with three kids in tow, they are the priority so whilst I am busy packing the suntan cream, fans, the hats, UV sunglasses, copious amounts of water and tents for shade, I often forget that I will probably end up looking like a red sweaty betty with an afro – think Monica from Friends screeching “IT’S THE HUMIDITY” whilst pushing my bouffant barnet out of my eyes. Harriet from Toby and Roo shares my pain:

Summer Beauty DISASTERS - Mum Style

It seems I’m not alone in the summer beauty style stakes. A few blogging friends have confessed their Summer faux paus:

When you shave the bottom third of your legs for your cropped jeans & only realise that you didn’t go high enough when you sit cross legged in front of loads of people! – Louise, Pink Pear Bear
When you forget to shave your toes and wear flip flops – Laura, Life With Baby Kicks
Not realising you have white deodorant streaks when you are wearing a black vest top.Cat, Pushing The Moon
When your stubby little toe sticks out of the side strap on your sandal. Not attractive – Leanne, A Slice of My Life Wales
Chip the rest of last years nail polish off your toes and repaint. – Hannah, Hi Baby Blog

I have ginger hair, ghost white skin and have had three babies; the thought of flashing the flash makes my blood run a little bit cold. No one wants to see a wobbly Casper on the school run. I have tried fake tan in the past but ended up a lovely shade of orange- it’s not a good look, believe me!

If you’re going to fake tan this summer, try doing it properly to #ReadySetGlow with a decent brand such as will help prevent you rocking the streaky tango look which can never be a bad thing?!

Summer Beauty DISASTERS - Mum Style

We are contemplating going abroad next year during a very hot period – I am going to need to stock up on the anti-frizz and long floaty tops and skirts aren’t I?! Wish me luck!

B xx

Disclosure – this post is written in collaboration with Ellisons

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  1. 5th May 2017 / 11:59 am

    Haha oh man, this has given me a giggle. I always forget to shave my toes and then I look like I have troll feet in my sandals. Why are toes hairy in the first place?
    I’m deathly pale too, which I love in the winter but I always like a tan in the summer. I am a bit of a fake tan addict, although I always end up orange because I stay to save money and buy the cheapest tan I can find. Me and the tango man were separated at birth!

  2. 6th May 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Tanning is so crucial, especially when you are pale. Golden sun-kissed tan, sigh..

  3. 6th May 2017 / 9:41 pm

    I love and hate summer too … the sudden panic about having to bare bits of yourself and not having big cardigans and jumpers to hide underneath.. eeek, but sunshine, long walks, ice lollies and the feel of the sun on your face 🙂

    Stevie x

  4. 23rd May 2017 / 6:32 pm

    “No one wants to see a wobbly Casper on the school run” LOOOL! I am Ginger too, totally feel you but have to disagree, embrace the Casper :D:D