Disney World, Blog On and Sadness #LittleLoves

I haven’t wanted to post much this week. It seems incredibly frivolous to carry on posting when something so incredibly awful has happened. My Charlie is 8 years old. His world revolves around wrestling, playing with his mates and football. Life is simple life is fun, at 8 he is still so incredibly young and carefree. That is exactly how kids lives should be. Reading of the young 8 year old girl killed in Manchester affected me like never before. I simply could not stop thinking about her and everyone affected. It struck a chord in my heart and filled me with such unbearable sadness for her family and everyone affected by what happened by evil on Monday night. Even writing this post feels wrong in some way. I know life goes on but it’s an incredibly difficult attack to move on from, in such a beautiful city and community. Despite everything, here are my #LittleLoves this week. 

Out of the horror, there is always hope. Hope that the world is not as evil as one person can make it seem. The queues of people lining up to donate blood, the taxi drivers not taking fares, snacks being left outside the hospital for relatives. It gives hope and restores your faith that one coward can not destroy a nation. Stories like this are so needed in such a dark time.

I have also gone into overdrive reading up on Disney World as we have BOOKED OUR TRIP! It’s not until next year but yes we are officially off to Florida in 2018. Anyone who knows me will know how I have been desperate to go since I was really little. It literally is a dream come true. We aren’t telling the kids (primarily as the thought of constant asking for the next 500+ days!) so it’s hard not to constantly mention it. They are going to love it.  

I am excited about catching up with my pal the Mouse. I am pinning like a lady possessed so if anyone has any posts about trips or can point me in the direction of people to follow, let me know.

I have been religiously watching The Trial on Channel 4. As I write this, there’s the final episode to good. It’s been really interesting and I’ve changed my mind back and forth throughout. I will be interested to see the final verdict. I’m convinced he’s guilty but we shall see. 
We also finished the second series of Broadchurch and again, what a rubbish ending. I like the series as a whole but think I expect too much from the finales. I think Line of Duty is to blame for ruining all other police shows as it’s so bloody good.

It was Blog On last weekend and I got to hear some brilliant talks especially Harriet from Toby and Roo with her Instagram to Instabank session. She really knows her shizzle and I definitely need to be less sensitive about social media. It was so lovely to chat to so many old friends and it’s by far the best conference atmosphere wise. 

My baby girls will be four in under two weeks (WAIL) so I have been listening to a rather extensive gift list. There’s a lot of Lion Guard, Moana, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol action going on. Luckily we got their main presents a few weeks ago so there’s only a few bits to get. I can’t believe my babies are going to be 4.

We went shopping on Tuesday as my husband has the morning off and went a tad crazy in Gap. They had a sale plus 40% off and I got absolutely loads of dresses for the girls that should have been £19.99 and we paid under £3 for them. I also got me a couple of tops including this super cute white top that was about £4. It has tiny little cameras on and is so lightweight. I love it.

My famous leopard boots also got an airing at the launch party Saturday night and I had lots of lovely compliments. They are SO comfy it’s untrue.

I realised I really need some vests as this heatwave is causing a right wardrobe headache. I can smash winter yet summer? I am unprepared. 

Blog on was brilliant more for the social side as I got to meet up with folks I’ve been chatting to for ages. I feel I have made some really lovely blogging buddies and there’s always that moment where you think oh god what if we don’t get on in real life,. but I can hand on heart say I had nothing to worry about. I am already looking forward to the September one.

My husband is off down to Newquay today for a stag do this weekend, so it’s just me and the kids. After being away last weekend and everything that has happened, I am looking forward to having a bit of time at home. It is also half term next week and we have no plans set in stone so I am looking forward to going with the flow. After half term, it’ll be the girls birthdays and the end of June is looking incredibly busy. Calm before the storm indeed.
Have a lovely week all and be kind, always be kind.
B xx

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  1. 26th May 2017 / 9:12 am

    It looks like you had a brilliant time at BlogOn and how incredible for those Gap savings, I need to keep my eye out more for stuff like that! Have a good bank holiday weekend 🙂 #littleloves

  2. 26th May 2017 / 1:00 pm

    I love gap sales like that. Blogon sounds fantastic. Perhaps I’ll buy a ticket next year. I hope the twins have a lovely birthday. #littleloves

  3. 26th May 2017 / 1:04 pm

    Oh, I do love a Gap sale – it sounds like you got some great finds! And how exciting for your DisneyWorld trip – I hope it proves to be the most magical holiday… Even if it is a little far off yet. But there is a lot of fun to be had in the planning. We haven’t been there as a family yet, but one day… I hope you and the family have a lovely weekend! #LittleLoves

  4. 26th May 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Love your group blog on photos sorry I didn’t get to catch up with you I swear it’s always a wave or quick hello to people or I don’t catch their eye and feel like the crazy person waving across the room at these things. Yup that’s me. Glad you had fun Harriet’s talk was fab wasn’t it? Disney how exciting I am so jealous. #littleloves

  5. 26th May 2017 / 9:37 pm

    I missed the trail but plan to get it on catch up as it looked so interesting! BlogOn looked amazing – I’m hoping to go along next year! #LittleLoves

  6. 27th May 2017 / 7:27 pm

    Ah how did I miss you at Blog On, gutted I didn’t get to see you. I agree that it has been such a tough week. My children both knew people from school who were at the concert, and thankfully they are fine. But my heart breaks for the terrible events of Monday night.

    How exciting that you have booked Florida. We have been 3 times, and it really is the most magical place on earth #littleloves x

  7. 27th May 2017 / 8:06 pm

    I love Gap when they have those amazing sales on – your tee is so cute! SO, so lovely to see you at Blog On and I cannot believe your twins are four soon – it feels like yesterday you were pregnant – SO pregnant!! x

  8. 27th May 2017 / 10:44 pm

    It was so lovely to see you at BlogOn, so nice to see a friendly face. Aww I am mega excited for your Disney World trip, I will be stalking your social media for hints and tips for if ever we win the lottery to be able to afford to go, ha! I’m so jel.. Love the Gap bargains too xx

  9. 28th May 2017 / 2:32 pm

    I am SOO jealous of your Disney trip.. I’m looking into Paris for next year, but Florida really is the dream. I’ve been quite a few times, but it’s changed a lot recently so I don’t think I’d have much advice haha xx

  10. 1st June 2017 / 8:55 am

    it looks like you had the best time at Blog On. I’m gutted I couldn’t make it, though I’m hoping to get to the one in September.
    I know just what you mean about the standard of Line Of Duty ruining police dramas for you, I’m the same, nothing measures up… except Happy Valley! xx