The Perils of Spring for Parents

I am English, so it’s only right that I have a moan about the weather. We love it don’t we? It’s what makes us English constantly talking about the weather – good or bad. There simply is no pleasing us but as a Parent the ever increasing sniff of sunshine an often make us groan a little inside. Here are 5 reasons why Spring can be PERILOUS for parents:

  1. The ice cream man. He is, and will be for the foreseeable, parked slap bang outside the school EVERY SINGLE AFTERNOON. Day one he appeared and we were enroute to the dentist – cue tears from my littlest as all her friends were gleefully skipping towards Mr Whippy whilst she was off to the doom of the dentist, which under NO circumstance was I going to tell my kids to open her mouth post ice cream to. Yes, from now until mid October every single school run will be marred by the presence of the iced one. There will be tears, torment and tantrums not to mention being skint. The git.
  2. Park trips. Not content with running the ice cream man gauntlet, our school is also directly opposite the park. You may as well delay every single afternoon school run by at least 45 minutes whilst you are pulled I three directions to push/watch/climb up the slide. It’s all good fun right?
  3. Flying insects. They freak my kids out SO much. Ever since someone told them about the evil ways of wasps, they are petrified by anything flying that they’re going to sting them. We have mass hysteria every time anything winged comes in a five metre radius. Add an ice lolly into the equation? Worlds War Three erupts.
  4. Light nights. Ever tried explaining that yes it is “daytime” outside but it’s actually bedtime? They look at me like I’ve lost the plot and as if they are that stupid. It’s a losing battle, even with blackout blinds. God damn you GMT.
  5. To coat or not to coat? The dilemma facing all parents every day. I have been that parent sending my son to school in shorts and no coat only to pick him up at 3pm in the thunder and torrential rain. I ultimately end up being the coat pack horse as no one wants to wear them ever. Thank you unpredictable English weather.

I guess the beautiful flowers and blue skies make up for it, a bit. Plus this Spring I get three hours to myself so I can get a few hours where I can bask in the beautiful April weather.

The Perils of Spring for Parents

Parents – stay strong. We can do this. Well, kind of. Summer will soon be here, and this will amplify ten fold so enjoy it whilst it’s on a the mild setting!

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  1. kRIS
    5th April 2017 / 1:44 pm

    I can’t wait for summer, im more cheerful as the days are longer 🙂

  2. MARGARET gallagher
    5th April 2017 / 10:46 pm

    Ha ha ha didn’t really look at this way before
    The ice cream van is a pain especially when I have all the neices and nephews