Ikea Trips, Line Of Duty and Being a Primark Cliche #LittleLoves

We have made it! We break up for Easter today (massively later than most I know) but it feels good to know that for the next fortnight, it’s going to be nice and chilled out. Well, as chilled as time with an 8 year old and almost 4 year old twins can be!
I’m hoping not to pile too many pounds on over Easter, but the crème and mini eggs already seem to be calling out to me…wish me luck. So onto this weeks #LittleLoves

It’s been a week of trash. I have bought a few trashy celeb mags and wondered why I used to buy them so religiously? Not only are they filled with incredibly contentious “stories” (how do you make a two page spread about a tweet?!) but also made me feel incredibly old as I haven’t a clue who half of them are. Is it time to move over to Bella and Women’s Weekly I wonder…?!?!

As always, I am behind the times. My sister spent all of last week watching Line of Duty like a woman obsessed. She said that the first two series were on Netflix and with a husband at home of the evening for a change, we decided to try one. And now are completely hooked! We finished Series 1 last night – it was SO good and it’s not often that I put my phone down to actually watch a whole episode of anything.
The third and current series is on now, but we are going to watch series two then download series three. I am so impatient I couldn’t;’t wait a week to be able to see the next episode.

Charlie has one of his friends over on Wednesday so I had two incredibly giggly 8 year olds in the house on Wednesday. It was also his school disco last night and I volunteered to help out on the sweet stall. It was so lovely to see how polite so many of the kids were not to mention a free FOAM disco in the background. Seriously, they had a DJ that had foam and a TV screen! I’m sure our school discos were played out of a CD player! Luckily this morning, it’s not ringing in my ears and the kids all had a blast.

I have become the biggest social media cliché going and finally succumbed to Primark’s light blue shirts. I have seen them all over my IG and every time I walk through, I eyeball them. Me and my biggest girl went shopping whilst the others went to the cinema so we did some serious shopping.
I did a little haul video of all the girls clothes including the cutest leggings from Zara – tell me you don’t want the pink and blue ones for yourself?

I finally took the plunge and made the decision about bathroom shelving. Yes it sounds rather trivial but we have just wallpapered after hating the paint on the walls and thanks to Pinterest, I decided I wanted a shelf of some sort behind the toilet. My Dad and I took a trip to IKEA on Monday and got the one I kept going back to. We’ve had issues with the flipping shower leaking AGAIN so I am hoping that this weekend will get it up. I am looking forward to making it all pretty with the final touches.

We also spent the weekend making an egg bounce. Yes you read that correctly, making bouncy eggs! We were challenged by the BBC to see if we could make an egg bounce using items from our cupboards. It was great fun and you can see the results here:


I am very excited about Easter. We have a trip to Disney on Ice and as my husband looks set to be working away for most of it, I decided on a whim to book a night away with the kids in the second week. I have never taken them away overnight on my own so I’m hoping it’s not going to be TOO stressful. We got a really good deal and I’m hoping the sun will shine for us. Hope you all have a lovely Easter.

B xx

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  1. 7th April 2017 / 7:26 am

    I missed season 1 of Line of Duty but saw s2, now I need to start 3 but there are so many good things on telly at the moment!
    I love the bee shirt!

  2. 7th April 2017 / 10:28 am

    I know what you mean I need to get my butt to primark everyone is wearing, sharing and loving these light blue shirts. I have a few from other shops that I have had for years but love the new designs frills added. Egg bouncing fab video love your clothes haul too. I have a spring/summer haul to do for the kids but haven’t had a chance to upload it. I love ikea. I always try to go without kids and a few hours to spare I get lost for hours and somehow the one cheap thing I wanted I come out with £100 worth of stuff to go with it! lol Always the case. Apologies if I missed last weeks post I am catching up with them today too. Happy weekend and Happy Easter! #littleloves

  3. 7th April 2017 / 12:21 pm

    I love those shirts!

  4. 7th April 2017 / 9:52 pm

    That egg bouncing video was half amazing and half f-ing disgusting!! How awesome is Charlie though?! He’s one lovely kid x

  5. Margaret GALLAGHER
    7th April 2017 / 10:46 pm

    Can’t beat Primark for bargain hunting -its a steal

  6. 8th April 2017 / 10:13 am

    School discos have come a long way – ours were a couple of flashing lights and Panda Pops!


  7. 8th April 2017 / 11:02 am

    Those shirts are lovely – think I’ve been living under a rock as I haven’t seen them yet! All I could think when I saw the syrup go on that egg, was ‘what a waste of syrup – that I could be eating’. I’d be so tempted to throw that egg around and see how much it actually could bounce, although I’d end up with a right mess knowing my luck. You’re certainly brave taking 3 kids away by yourself, hope you all have a lovely time. I seriously need to watch that tv series, everyone keeps saying how good it is. Have a great easter break!

  8. 10th April 2017 / 8:37 am

    I love the Primark top, I am definitely going to be adding a few to my summer wardrobe. They are everywhere at the moment. Line Of Duty is so good isn’t it? I am absolutely loving the new series! Have a wonderful week #littlelove

  9. Louise Crocker
    12th April 2017 / 8:55 am

    I’ve seen a dress version in my local Primark wich I quite like. My daughter is dragging me to IKEA at some point this week because her room needs to be decorated. I’m sure I’ll end up buying half the shop.
    East for us is a few eggs each and a good old roast. Hope you have a great one.

  10. 12th April 2017 / 10:08 am

    I really need a trip to Primark! I keep seeing so many fab clothes that people are sharing from there!
    Line of Duty is fantastic isn’t it? As a series it’s up there with my all time favourites. x

  11. 13th April 2017 / 12:57 pm

    I can’t decide if that egg bouncing was super cool or kind of weird haha, Charlie was so sweet though – he did a great job! How amazing does that disco sound too? Lucky kids! Hope you’ve had a fab week xx