Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

For the past few weeks, my girls have been trying out two new Cosatto car seats. I have decided to do an individual review of the seats then a comparison, so look out for these over the next week. So I am starting today with the Cosatto Skippa Fix.

Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

Cosatto to me are such a fun, funky vibrant brand so was honoured to be chosen to work with them. I get comments daily on how unique my girls sense of style are so I knew Cosatto was the perfect brand for us. Life is too short to be boring so the bolder the print and brighter the colour to me is an instant winner. The Skippa Fix comes in a choice of three prints; spectroluxe which is a bright diamond pattern, rev up which is a cute car print and the magic unicorn print which is the one we chose.

Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

The Skippa Fix is a forward facing car seat for older toddler/children as it is a Group 2/3 car seat which means it is suitable from 15kg – 36kg which is approximately 4-12 years of age. Here are the tech spec of the seats (taken from the Official Cosatto site)

  • Use with your regular car seat belt.
  • For even more peace of mind pop it into your car ISOFIX points.
  • Uses ISOFIX points only, not the top tether attachment.
  • Side impact protection with luxury padding.
  • Removable drinks holder.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible with standard 3-point vehicle seat belts (‘Universal Fit’).
  • ISOFIT – Compatible with your 3-point vehicle seat belt & your car’s ISOFIX anchor points at the same time (‘Semi Universal Fit’).
  • 2-position recline. For a laid-back journey.
  • Height adjustable backrest.
  • Pop-off washable fabric covers. You’ll thank us.
  • Complies with European Standard ECE R44/04.
  • FREE 4 year guarantee.

My first impressions of the car seat were that it felt sturdy and wasn’t too heavy to lift. The seat came in one part with the isofix adapters separately. The cup holder is easy to install and to remove, but would say that it does add extra width onto the seat. At the weekends when going out, Charlie uses the middle seat so every few centimetres make the difference!

Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

We tried the seat with and without the isofix as our car is isofix compatible. Personally I would definitely recommend using it with the isofit system as it gives a solid feel. It’s really simple, they literally slot into place. The adapters come in a separate little bag incase you do want to use them – they are bright yellow so easy to spot. The seat does not move and whilst it can make it a little fiddly to plug the seatbelt in, but safety first and I like knowing that a car seat is solid and will not wobble side to side. Obviously the recline will not work fully when the isofix is in place, so if you have a child that loves a kip, this is something you may want to consider. I know that Charlie’s old seat didn’t recline and he used a neck pillow which really helped him. Luckily, my girls aren’t really car sleepers (they don’t sleep at all, ever!!) so this won’t be an issue for us.

Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

The seat has lots of growing room (it is designed to go up to approximately 12 years of age) and the headrest is easy to move up as the child grows. There is a good amount of space sideways too so I can see it being comfortable for the foreseeable. The cover is also machine washable which as a parent is always something that is an essential as kids are prone to making a mess!

Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

I was impressed with the padding around the head and side. It’s never anything you want to think about, but lots of cushioning around the head area in a car seat is obviously very important and it also give the child a nice comfy ride. My only slight criticism would be that the seat that they sit on could do with slightly more padding, which is in contrast to the head area. It is fine now whilst they are at the lower end of the seat, but as they grow and weigh more I do wonder if they will wear out the padding and not make it very comfortable to sit on.

Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

It is incredibly easy to install into the car and not too bulky or heavy to move around easy, so if you’re likely to be transferring it o different vehicles I think it is easy enough to swap. The three point seat belt is very simple and the belt tucks away nicely onto the side of the headrest. There is one either side so you can put the seat in either side of the car and won’t have to fiddle around.

Cosatto Skippa Fix Car Seat Review

All in all, I am incredibly pleased with the car seat. Not only does it feel safe and secure but it looks incredibly awesome too. I have had numerous compliments on it and know how much the girls love their choices. Cosatto are a well established trusted brand and I have full confidence, along with the four year guarantee, that the seat will see us through as it feels a brilliant quality. The car seat comes with an RRP of £169.95 and is available from various major car seat stockists.

Keep your eyes peeled for our flamingo themed Cosatto Zoomi review coming next week.

B xx

Disclosure – we were sent the Skippa Fix for the purpose of this review. All images and opinions are my own

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  1. 6th April 2017 / 7:45 pm

    This carseat is the snazziest thing I’ve ever seen, who doesn’t want unicorns all over?! Caitlin would love this! It looks really sturdy too, our carseats are a bit flimsy looking in comparison.

  2. Margaret GALLAGHER
    6th April 2017 / 9:58 pm

    Thes llook amazing and si easy to use
    Love the funky design

  3. 19th April 2017 / 1:37 pm

    Oh I love these, the patters are fab! Sophia needs a new car seat so I will have to check Cosatto out, we have had buggies from them in the past and they have been brilliant with the most amazing custom service xx