Ace Friends, Weight Loss and Remembering #LittleLoves

It’s been a funny old week. The kids have gone back to nursery and school so routine has returned, but it’s also the one week of the year which always has a huge black cloud hanging over it. Yesterday was the third anniversary of losing my Mom. It’s never a nice day but one that seems to bring it all back. I know it will never get easier, but it has gotten different. I don’t want to dwell so let’s go straight onto this weeks #LittleLoves

I have been reading everything Disney related I can find. We are looking at booking in trip in the next few months so I am obsessively stalking Pinterest. If anyone can recommend any good sites or books, I’d love you forever!

I also guest posted over on my lovely friend Mim’s site Love From Mim all about coping with grief. Thank you to her for hosting my post, it was very therapeutic to write. You can read my guest post here.

I caught up on all the Car Share episodes at the weekend. My sister had told me about the safari park episode and my god she was SO right. I was howling with laughter as it was just so so funny. I wasn’t sure about Car Share when it started but it’s definitely one that is not to be missed.

I also watched the Little Boy Blue drama all about the tragic killing of Rhys Jones in Liverpool back in 1995. It was so brilliantly done and I’m sure I wasn’t alone when I was horrified when his Mother wasn’t allowed to touch or hug her 11 year old in the morgue and was threatened with arrest. Such a harrowing senseless murder; the Soham murders were also featured on channel 5 this week. I was gobsmacked to read it’d been 15 years. The chilling images of Holly and Jessica still haunt me and now as a parent you can’t comprehend what all three families went through with the children all murdered. Not lighthearted viewing but ones that are so important.

I got back in the gym after two weeks of not going as the kids were off. I have been downloading some tracks to try to get me motivated. Does anyone else find it easier to run to a strong beat?! I highly recommend Faithless Insomnia to get you in the groove; it is my go to track when I’m flagging. I was amazed at Slimming World this week to hear the lady tell me I had lost 3.5lbs! We were very naughty with fast food in Blackpool and I also went out with my husband and sister and brother in law at the weekend where copious amounts of gin was consumed, so I was flummoxed but very chuffed. I still have about 4.5lbs to lost until I’m happy but I’ll get there.

After a huge unexpected gain at Easter, I’ve been able to get back into my “skinny” jeans this week. My leopard boots also got an airing at the weekend when we went out for a meal. I am totally rubbish at taking photos of myself.
I did snap my eldest girl in this heart dress from Myleene Klass’s kids range, which I completely forgot she had and just adore.

My wonderful friend Lauren from Blogger Mummy Lauren made me well up this week. I hadn’t mentioned Mom’s anniversary so was taken aback when she sent me such a lovely gift through the post. I have only met Lauren once but we chat daily and I am so lucky to have such ace friends who are so thoughtful when I am feeling down. So a huge thank you Lauren – you are a one in a million.

My husband is going away on Saurday morning to work in Norway so it’s going to be a very long few weeks without seeing him very much. I am hoping our National Trust cards will arrive so we can make the most of the Bank Holiday. Charlie is doing a Race for Life next Friday with his school, which feels very apt given the crappy date this week. It’s very emotional but such a lovely thing to see all the kids come together and do at school.
B xx

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  1. 28th April 2017 / 12:50 pm

    Oh how lovely is that mug, what a thoughtful idea. Sending you lots of love! I’m constantly stalking Disney vlogs / groups, and we aren’t even thinking of going for a while yet. I know there’s a Disneyland Paris for Brits FB which is good xx

  2. 28th April 2017 / 1:24 pm

    Oh that mug is the cutest. I hope you’ve been ok this week lovely. Thinking of you x

  3. 28th April 2017 / 8:03 pm

    When we were planning our trips to Florida I was always on The Dibb website which is amazing. So much information on there for planning. Well done on the weight loss at SW, and sending hugs to you this week #littleloves x

  4. 29th April 2017 / 6:46 am

    15 years really has gone very fast, hasn’t it? I remember exactly where I was each time big news developments happened in the Soham case, and it’s crazy and incredibly sad that it was that long ago now. Anyway. Totally with you on the strong beats for at the gym – I’m planning a blog post at some point on running songs as I have a specific playlist for it and don’t like to listen to anything else! Well done on the weight loss. And I hope you have a good weekend, despite the awful anniversary this week. Big hugs x #LittleLoves

  5. 29th April 2017 / 8:05 am

    I hadn’t even heard of Little Boy Blue until I started reading the Little Loves posts this week, I’ll have to watch it on catch up. I remember that and the Soham case so well, still as awful to think about them now as it was then. Well done on losing 3.5lb this week, that’s brilliant! Love that mug, what a thoughtful thing to do for you in what is undoubtedly a very tough week for you x

  6. 29th April 2017 / 9:21 am

    Oh hooray for disney plans. We are just waiting for MM to be a year old so she can fully take it in and enjoy it and remember it. I can’t wait. I think we might do Paris one this year first and see how she gets on at three she still likes a stroller or carried when we are out too long but I didn’t want to have a stroller at disney eeek. So much to find on pinterest and other bloggers Lucy and Katie have a lot of disney recommendations and Alex and Charlotte too if you need just to name a few. lol Sounds like you have had a busy week. Happy bank holiday weekend #littleloves

  7. 29th April 2017 / 9:35 am

    Love that mug, what a lovely gift. I watched Little Boy Blue, and I was so upset throughout. I remember it like it was yesterday. So very sad. Massive well done on loosing 3.5lb! Have a wonderful weekend.. Popping over from #LittleLove

  8. 2nd May 2017 / 8:46 pm

    Good luck flying solo! I love that mug what a thoughful thing to do. I’ve never been to Dinsneyland or Disneyworld but I would like to one day, how exctiting. #littleloves

  9. 4th May 2017 / 9:03 am

    Exciting news about Disneyland! We went to the Paris one last year and loved it. I’ve blogged about our trip with a few tips if that’s helpful?
    Hope the solo parenting is going well lovely xx