Sisterly Love

The past few weeks, everything slowly seems to be falling into place around me. Having twins has always been hard. I don’t think you can ever explain it to someone who hasn’t got twins. I know that sounds really big headed; it’s not, it’s just a whole new kettle of fish. I think people imagine twins to be all cute matching outfits, two children acting the same all the time, basically your child – cloned. If only! At least then I’d know where I was, but as soon as I get the measure of where we are at, they decide to flip it on the head.

Sisterly Love

Other twin parents always tried to reassure me that one day, having twins will actually be easier than a singleton and these past few weeks it really does seem to have become dare I say, easier. The girls absolutely adore each other lately. They can’t get enough of one another. They are forever cuddling and stroking each other and generally being utterly adorable. They also seem to hae outgrown me and want to play together exclusively. They are crazy for Lion Guard at the moment so are often found making up Pride Rock related games whilst I watch from afar.

I have to admit, whilst it is amazing and life seems that wee bit easier, it is the dawning realisation of how grown up my girls are getting. Each day, they gain that little bit more independence. At nursery, they’ve started spending more time with the older reception class and in doing this I know it will make the transition to school so much easier, I can’t help but feel a pang of sadness.

Sisterly Love

It’s so selfish and so many people think I am about to step into the ultimate dream world of being a stay at home parent – with no children at home, but I am worried. Worried how I will fill my days. I took voluntary redundancy whilst on maternity leave so have never known what it’s like not to work, as I always had children at home to keep me occupied.

I am in awe of the twin bond and seeing how much they currently are infatuated with each other. But it doesn’t take much for a squabble to break the harmony and make me realise that despite this unspoken magical bond, they can still fight like cat and dog!

B xx

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  1. MARGARET gallagher
    16th March 2017 / 2:58 pm

    It will all fall into place-great to see them so happy -fighting is good especially when they make up

  2. Lorna Ledger
    16th March 2017 / 10:42 pm

    My Sister and I were like this growing up, but we loved each other and knew we did, it’s a Sister thing 😉 xx