Life As A Hoarder

My name is Beth and I am the messiest person you’ll ever meet. Whilst I think our house is clean I love a good vacuum) there is clutter and clothes everywhere. With three children and untidy parents, it is a bit of a recipe for disaster.

2017 has been dubbed the year of concealing. I know how rubbish I am at keeping tidy, so I have decided Elsa style that conceal (don’t feel) is the best way forward. We have started by converting our under stairs to storage drawers to make best use of the space and provide a pretty looking cover to hide the masses of toys/coats/shoes that we have amassed.

I am not huge on the Zodiac but this infographic rings true beyond belief as being a Scorpio – it couldn’t be more true! Although whilst I am a hoarder and have kept clothes for over 10 years, I do get to a point where I completely gut and throw EVERY thing away.

Being untidy doesn’t just stop at home. My desk at home resembles what my desk used to look like at work. Clutter everywhere along with copious amounts of snacks and pretty accessories to counteract the stack of filing and paperwork to trawl my way through.

I have to say that this infographic made me chuckle as it is spot on for me! How accurate is this for you that Furniture at Work have compiled? Does it ring true for your star sign?

B xx

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  1. MARGARET gallagher
    14th March 2017 / 10:47 pm

    Sadly mine is true too
    Same as you I hoard -But unfortunately find it diffult to part with stuff
    I have BHF coming next Wednesday and I’m determined to clear everything out……….