Hopes and Wishes

A dream is a wish your heart makes said Cinderella and she was right! It’s nice to have big dreams that you can aspire to isn’t it? I often find myself day dreaming about grand holidays and being on beaches – a lot! The lovely Being Tilly’s Mummy tagged me to write down my wishes for the forthcoming year and I have had lots of fun making them. Here goes;

hopes and wishes
Family Wishes

I really wish that my girls enjoy starting school in September. It’s going to be the biggest change we’ve experienced and I’m hoping it goes smoothly and they love it.

  • We enjoy our family holiday. We are booked for a break in August at my friends holiday home and with the dreary January blues, I’m hoping we have some good weather and make some lovely memories!
  • Cliché but I wish that we have a healthy 2017 without any health issues or dramas. After losing my Mom, it’s made me appreciate how important health really is.
  • We stay happy. It’s been a lovely year and I hope we can carry it forward. With the girls getting older, family life is easier somehow. Whilst we aren’t without arguments, fights and tantrums I am enjoying it too.
  • We spend more time with extended family. We really need to make an effort to see relatives more and also try to arrange more gatherings. The kids loved having everyone here at Christmas and I want to make it a more regular thing.

Blog Wishes

  • Keep enjoying my blog. I hate forcing myself to post stuff and have fallen back in love with blogging for me. It’s too easy to get caught up in stats and what everyone else is doing. The basic writing is the crux of my blog and that’s what I want to do.
  • Grow my twitter and Facebook. This year I need to try to be more active on both these after running off with Instagram! I miss chatting with friends on twitter and want to make more time and effort with it.
  • I would love to start making more videos as I just love watching them. I would also wish to instantly become an editing genius – ermmm?!
  • I hope to update my back catalogue of posts and make them more reader friendly. I have some great posts that really need dusting off.
  • I’ve made some lovely blog buddies and would love to be able to meet up with them and also repay them in some way for all the help/advice they provide.

hopes and wishes
Personal Wishes

  • I really am wishing to hit my slimming world target and finally get to my final goal. I’ve come within one and a half pound of it but then Christmas happened and it all went to pot!
  • To make more time for me! I had my nails done over Christmas and it was lovely to feel like I was treating myself. With the girls starting school, I’ll have more time on my hands which I can’t decide if it’s good or bad?!
  • To spend more time with my husband alone. I love being able to get some alone time with my husband. He really is someone I actually love being with (luckily!) so it’s nice to have more time for dates and keep our relationship as a couple strong, alongside our parenting relationship.

Hopes and Wishes for 2017

  • Honestly? For my family to be healthy and happy and make some wonderful memories along the way!

I now tag Jenny at Monkey and Mousey

B xx

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  1. 5th January 2017 / 10:54 am

    Awesome wishes. Honestly the girls will love school and while you’ll miss them it will be great for you to have more time to make for yourself, to blog and get your nails done. I can’t wait to tart watching the twinderelmo family vlogs! I’d love to have more time with my husband, we could never get a night away together or anything because we couldn’t get a babysitter 🙁

  2. Erin @ Still Life With Cracker Crumbs
    5th January 2017 / 4:53 pm

    Great list! This year I also hope to have a little more time for me, and to have more alone time with my husband. 🙂 Before kids you would never think these things would become goals!

  3. Margaret
    6th January 2017 / 12:21 am

    You’ll enjoy the freedom school yerm times will give you
    Always hard at first but Me time is so important

  4. 17th January 2017 / 4:36 pm

    Hope your all having a great new year so far x