Ten Kick-Ass Disney Mums

I’m absolutely loving this guest post idea from And Another Ten Things as she picks her top ten Disney Mamas that kick some serious butt. Do you agree? Here we go:

Over the last few months I’ve watched a lot of Disney films (some weeks the same Disney film lots of times *sob*). The Child is obsessed with them and to be honest I’ll do anything to grab 5, 10, 90 minutes to myself so I’ve given in more times than is probably healthy. Naturally the Child is drawn to the hero or heroine of the film (even more so if they’re a princess, yak) but I’ve found myself, unsurprisingly, relating to the mother figures in the films. Never appreciated, often ignored and rarely given their own action figure, these characters are quietly keeping their shit together. So today I’m raising the flag for my ten favourite Disney Mums – I salute you.

Ten Kick-Ass Disney Mums

Mother Gothel, Tangled Mother Gothel is one of my all-time favourite Disney characters and the inspiration for this list. I know I know it’s a little questionable to keep someone locked up in a tower because their hair has magical healing and time-reversing properties and she did get a little cray cray towards the end. BUT she did care for Rapunzel for 18 years, keep her in a spacious tower and teach her lots of skills to keep her occupied. And what thanks did she get? The ungrateful brat ran off with the first man she met and then didn’t seem that bothered when her de facto mother (spoiler alert) disappeared into a puff of dust. What a bitch.

Mrs Darling, Peter Pan

She hired a dog to look after her children; she literally gives zero fucks.

Queen Elinor, Brave I’m sure we can all relate to this poor woman who just wants her daughter to do as she’s fricking well told. If Merida’s disobedience wasn’t enough she goes and turns her long-suffering mum in a bloody bear. The fact that Elinor didn’t just eat Merida there and then to teach her a lesson makes her more than worthy to sit on this list.

Riley’s Mum, Inside Out This woman moves across the US just so her husband can set up some wanky new company (which he is a complete arse about fyi) and does she complain? Does she whinge and run away because all her stuff is stuck in a removal van two states away? Does she even get her own name? Damn it Riley, she’s been wearing the same shirt for 5 days now so the least you can do is eat your  dinner without getting a cob on.

Mrs Banks, Mary Poppins Not only does Mrs Banks get extra points for being a suffragette she also puts up with some unbearably smug stranger coming into her house and telling her how to raise her children. Precisely how many children do you have Mary? Well fuck off then.

Ten Kick-Ass Disney Mums

Andy’s Mum, Toy Story As far as I can tell she has raised two kids single-handedly which deserves mega kudos. She has also managed not to lose Woody’s hat. She is my hero.

Sarabi, Lion King Let’s look at this sensibly. Sarabi not only loses her husband and her son on the same day, she has to shack up with her brother-in-law, which I’m assuming includes bumping uglies, and then her son waltzes back into the kingdom and just assumes his position of head of state. Talk about male privilege.

Lady Tremaine, Cinderella Now I know on the surface this one seems slightly dubious but bear with me. Lady Tremaine marries some dude and accepts his daughter. Then he dies leaving her with a third child she didn’t even want. Does she throw Cinderella out on the street or cart her off to the nearest orphanage? No, she feeds and clothes the little urchin and all she asks is for a little bit of housework in return. Yet suddenly Cinderella is the victim. Absolutely bloody typical.

 Ten Kick-Ass Disney Mums

Perdita, 101 Dalmatians She gives birth to 15 children; someone get some ice for that vagina.

Those that have fallen

No list of Disney mums would be complete without honouring those that didn’t make it. So can we please be upstanding for Coral (Finding Nemo), Bambi’s MotherRaksha (Jungle Book), Queen of Arendelle (Frozen), Tod’s Mother (The Fox and the Hound), Tarzan’s Mother, Mrs Jumbo (Dumbo). I could go on but if you’re not in a crumpled sobbing mess by now then what the hell is wrong with you, you emotionless robot?

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