Essentials for Visiting Disney

I thought I’d do a quick post with my essentials that I couldn’t have lived without at Disney. It was our first trip to Disneyland Paris and here’s what I recommend chucking in your suitcase:

Essentials for Visiting Disney

  • Autograph books & pens

Essentials for Visiting Disney

The kids absolutely LOVED getting the characters to sign their books. I wasn’t going to bother getting the girls one thinking they were too young, but they absolutely loved asking for autographs and all three have taken them into nursery and school to show their friends. It’s something they can keep forever and is a lovely memento. I got ours from Ebay for £8 each and had them personalised but you can buy them at Disney in most of the shops. I think they were 13 euros.

Essentials for Visiting Disney

Don’t forget to take your own pens as they don’t carry their own either. I got a huge pack of sharpies on an Amazon deal.

  • A pushchair

My girls are now 3.5 and haven’t used a pushchair for over six months.  I was dubious as I had heard that pushchairs get battered at the airports and often get broken so when my best friend offered to give me an old double one that she had had in her garage, I agreed. A few days before I said to my husband I thought it would be too much hassle to take it but he said we may as well take it and see. Thank god we did! It was a life saver and they were more than happy to use it to save their legs as we did a LOT of walking during the week. Honestly I think Charlie who is almost 8 would happily have sat in it all week too. If you can get your hands on a cheap stroller, DO! You can hire them at the park but they aren’t the nicest looking things and don’t recline.

  • Maps

Make sure you pick up maps and timetables as you enter the park as it is so easy to get lost. It also has all the times listed so you never miss the parade or what time a meet and greet starts. They are so handy and are free!


  • A flexible plan

We spent the evenings after a day in the park trying to work out a bit of a plan of what we would do the next day to ensure we could try to get to everything we wanted. On our first full day, we realised that Minnie and Mickey meet are VERY busy so it was a good plan to try to get to them first before their queues got huge. The ones that are at the front of the park also get very busy as they’re the ones most people see first, and kids won’t want to walk past so heading towards Mickey’s house at the back of the park worked well for us.


When we arrived about 8.45am one morning there was a 5 minute queue. By the time we had been in and looked at our photos, it had gone up to 45 minutes so it’s worth getting in early and being slightly organised.

  • Snacks

I saved an absolute fortune by taking my own snacks into the park with me. I put a load in our suitcases and dished them out in queues which helped not let the girls get bored and also save having to pay snack prices in the parks.

What are your essentials for a trip to Disney?

B x




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  1. 8th December 2016 / 8:42 am

    Great tips Beth. I completely with the maps and flexible plan, I remember being lost on our first day last year. Where is this Meet Mickey Mouse house? Was this just Mickey on his own or was this Santa?

    • 8th December 2016 / 10:37 am

      The Mickey Mouse house is right at the back of the park by Peter Pan’s flight ride. Santa was to the right and Mickey was in his house. Nice and warm for queueing!

  2. Helen Moulden
    3rd February 2017 / 5:32 pm

    Thank you for the tips – we’re considering going this year so they’ve been taken on board!

  3. A S,Edinburgh
    6th February 2017 / 11:10 am

    These are really good tips, thanks a lot! I reckon figuring out how small a bag you can get all of it into before you go could be a good idea; either not being able to fit things in or having to take round a huge cumbersome pack can be really annoying (where they’re allowed, in the case of the latter).