Meccano MicroNoid Robot

Meccano MicroNoid RobotWhen I told Charlie that we were going to be sent Basher the Meccano Micronoid robot to review, I can honestly say I haven’t seen his face light up so much for a long long time! It also followed every afternoon on his return from school asking if he had arrived. When he finally did, I can honestly say he wasn’t disappointed.

Meccano MicroNoid Robot
Now this is not for the faint hearted. Basher comes in what felt like a million pieces but in reality it is 139, but for the not so technical (me) it was a bit daunting. So I decided to wait until the husband was home as he was in his absolute element. He really enjoyed introducing Charlie to the joy of meccano as this was the first meccano system he’s ever had.

Meccano MicroNoid RobotThere seemed to be a bit of an issue with his orange arms as it was a bit fiddly to get the screw underneath, so there was a bit of huffing and puffing but he did manage to slot it in and once that part was done, it was pretty much plain sailing. I have to say that I think Charlie would have struggled on his own. Perhaps if he was more used to using meccano he would have flown through it but he is two months off being 8 which is the recommended age, but I think a child would need an adult on hand for the trickier parts.

Meccano MicroNoid Robot
Charlie was absolutely made up when he was finished. I would say that as Basher runs on wheels, you really need to put him on a hard flat surface as he doesn’t like carpet.
Meccano MicroNoid Robot

Basher has a control panel on the top where you can switch which mode he is in; it gives you four different options which are 8-ball mode where Basher will answer whatever question you ask him with a yes or no. There’s also a dance mode which if you play music directly to him he will rock our to the beat! He also starts his own boogie-ing if you leave him in this mode. He can throw some pretty cool shapes! There’s also an auto mode where he does his own thing. From dancing, to singing to even laughing or farting this mode is unpredictable and lots of fun! There is also the off switch for when he’s exhausted you.

On top you will also see some buttons:

Meccano MicroNoid Robot
These buttons enable the MicroNoid to build your own custom walking/turning sequences. The coolest part that Charlie absolutely loves is that you can record your own voice into him! If you hold down the red record button and speak into his face he will record you and then playback in a squeaky funny voice!

Basher will also interact if you have any other MicroNoid robots so if you have siblings that may want one each then you can team them up for even more fun. Basher comes with an RRP of £39.99 but I have seen him cheaper if you shop around and with Christmas coming I’m sure there will be lots of offers. Make sure you stock up on batteries though as he required 4xAAA batteries which are not included. These are fitted in the back of his head with a little screwdriver to open and close the cover.

I can see these MicroNoid robots being a very popular toy for Christmas 2016. I think for what you get they are reasonable priced and there’s the extra dimension of building him, which enables your child to really feel part of the whole process instead of ripping open a packet. I would definitely recommend Basher for older kids and to keep them away from overzealous three year old twins who want to grab him!

B xx

Disclosure – we were sent the MicroNoid photographed for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and photos are my own


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  1. 6th October 2016 / 12:38 pm

    I cannot wait until the kids can have Meccano. Loved the stuff when I was a kid but my mum wouldn’t let me have it in case it turned me into a lesbian. True story.

  2. A S,Edinburgh
    17th February 2017 / 8:48 pm

    That is quite an intimidating task… well done for getting him built! It does look like a fab toy for anyone mechanically-inclined.