A Year

What did I ever do before Timehop? Today it popped up and told me that it has been one whole year since we moved into our house. ONE YEAR! Time has absolutely flown by.

I remember going to look at the house back in March but we decided against it due to not having the full deposit. It was the first one we had viewed with a look to buy, as realistically we were happy renting, which I had always done beforehand. Something in me knew that we needed to move. Our new build three bedroom house seemed absolutely huge when the three of us moved in whilst I was six months pregnant, but as soon as we added two little people to the mix, we rapidly outgrew it.

A few days after we originally viewed the house, it was sold. And that was that. We viewed other houses but they didn’t come close to the first one. It left us deflated to say the least. I remember it popping up on my alerts that it was back on the market  a few months later, so we quickly arranged another viewing and we fell even more in love and this time we decided to make an offer after rejigging finances and going in with a lower offer (which was accepted) meant we had our deposit!

I remember the following weeks being so nerve wracking and not wanting to tell anyone in case it all went tits up, but in the grand scheme of things it went incredibly smoothly. Obviously, us having no property to sell made it even easier but I remember picking up the keys and finally moved into our house. It was sad to leave our old house and memories but I still remember the excitement of that phonecall.

We have now been here 12 months, and I love it still. We have a huge back garden that the kids just  love to play in all weathers. I have my much sought after utility that definitely has not (ahem) become my dumping ground for miscellaneous tat. The kids bedrooms are more than ample for them to play in happily and our kitchen was big enough for me to have my dream dresser!

We are finally getting round to our bathroom renovation in the next month which I simply cannot WAIT for! Our house is certainly our home. Although I don’t think it is our forever home, I am so glad we settled so well and have such lovely neighbours and live in such a lovely area. My sister pops in every day on her way home from work as we are literally around the corner making it seem just perfect.

Happy home anniversary to us!

B xx

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  1. 26th September 2016 / 5:11 pm

    Aww! I love Timehop. It is great for reminding us about things we would normally forgot.
    Your dresser is gorgeous! x

  2. 30th September 2016 / 5:56 pm

    I love timehop for things like that. Your dresser is amazing, I would love one like it, did you paint it yourself? x