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*This is a collaborative post*

We have been in our house almost 12 months now, and after our initial plans, we seem to have come to a bit of a standstill with making home improvements and it being the house we crave. With a husband working away a lot, there just isn’t the time to get it done. Plus, we are facing a bit of a quandary as to if we think we will stay here long term. Honestly? I’d say no. I’d like to stay here perhaps five years before moving on and eventually the children all having their own bedrooms and us having an extra lounge.

For now though, we have started looking at remodelling various spaces in and around the house. Our bathroom is definitely at the forefront of all renovation plans as it is just plain ugly. Aside from updating individual rooms I also have quite a long list of other things I would like to change.

Home ImprovementsThe drive

Our drive is huge, well it would be if we didn’t have a huge row of bushes all down the right hand side. I am looking to get them taken out as soon as possible. Along with these, the drive has stones. Yes you read that correctly, it is 2016 and the drive has STONES. Not only do they look just awful but they are a pain in the ass to keep tidy. Ideally, I want block paving as I think this will make it look so much better but also because I remember my parents had a tarmacked drive and it used to melt in the heat!

New central heating

The central heating works perfectly fine however, it’s an old style boiler and doesn’t half make a noise when it comes on. I have forgotten about it as it’s been so warm but come autumn and it starts clunking I know I’m not going to be happy. My sister recently had hers fitted by a national company and has had nothing but trouble, so I will be looking at more local companies as my parents did this and never had any problems.

Replacing the windows

Again, like the central heating the windows are fine and fully functional but I hate the style of them as they don’t have any safety mechanisms and with twin toddlers this scares the bejesus out of me. My Gran has always had sash windows and I absolutely love the style of them so have been having a nosey at Mighton Products for some inspiration.

The garden

Our garden is pretty big, but has no personality whatsoever. It literally is a huge lawn with a stone covered area at the top where the playhouse, trampoline and shed sit. I know that realistically we cannot have a gorgeous flower filled perfect area, as with a son who plays football outside 24/7 and twins that like to trample everything going, it’s unlikely to happen. I would like some form of order in the garden and have been thinking of trying a raised bed to keep pesky footballs out. I am addicted to hydrangea bushes so would love an area filled with these.

It’s so hard when you can visualise what you want, but there’s not an endless pot of money. Unfortunately for my husband, I’m never a person who likes to make do. I always want to make everything that little bit better and freshen everything up.

What is on your wish list to spruce up in your house, or have you any major works you want doing?

B xx

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  1. Bev
    23rd August 2016 / 10:47 am

    I’ve been fighting with plans for redecorating the living room but it’s so daunting!

  2. Rachel Craig
    23rd August 2016 / 1:06 pm

    I do not want a house, but a home. Somewhere I can feel Comfortable, Safe, Secure, Settled etc.

    Where that Home is, I do Not Know. But I do know that after years of work, looking out for and looking after others :- I now have NEEDS of my own, probably mainly due to arthritis etc. So I am in need of my Lifetime home where I can be safe, secure and settled.

    I feel for yourself and others, as life is so busy :- Work Commitments, Family Commitments etc yet you are working on your property aiming to make it suit your requirements to be a family home.

    Yet for others the property is worked on before they move into it e.g. Prince William and his wife Kate etc.This surely must allow them to have a comfortable life, less stress, pressure etc. As they are supported with all elements of their life. If only everyone could have the opportunity to have a property made into a home for them to move into, and continue with the other elements of their life. Maybe if people could employ a property developer, or if Government allocated them to preparing properties for the individual or family home.

    I have whilst working helped boyfriends and family members with decorating and sometimes DIY. Your young family deserve a Home, and I hope that is a reality for you all soon. It would be good for you all to feel safe and happy. As you are building memories for the future. Memories which will mould your childrens futures. Best Wishes.

    Meanwhile I can but Dream of my Forever Home.

  3. Margaret Gallagher
    23rd August 2016 / 3:36 pm

    Total revamp especially th kitchen living room and porch needs knocking down and rebuilding
    Another year and I’ll hopefully have saved enough for it all worth the scrimping to get it all done and not be in debt either

  4. jessica woods
    24th August 2016 / 6:12 pm

    I have loads of jobs to get done in house it just never happens

  5. Margaret Gallagher
    25th August 2016 / 7:07 am

    My garden also needs lots of paving replacing and turf relaying
    Seems never ending